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What happened to Craig Maxwell-Keys?


Academy Player
Jul 14, 2022
Does anybody know what happened to Craig Maxwell Keys? I've heard he's no longer reffing premiership rugby professionally, but normally when a ref is made redundant or quits etc there's a lot more fanfare, I.e JP Doyle in 2020. Will we be seeing CMK in the premiership again? He seemed like a decent referee so I struggle to see him being made redundant. Any ideas?
He ARd a semi-final and did some games in the middle. Pearce, Carley, and Dickson have been the guys from his age group that the RFU has pushed for internationals. Premiership is probably looking at younger guys from RFU ranks to get games from now on.
I think CMK is one of the better Premiership refs so a shame if this is true.

No way Dickson should be reffing at test level 🤯
Indeed, and Carley has a stinker on the regular as well
Maxwell-Craig has been a professional referee for eight years. His journey into rugby officiating began after realising that he did not enjoy being on the sidelines as a junior.

This summer, Maxwell-Craig's full-time journey as a professional rugby referee will end as he moves into the Civil Service. However, he will still be a part-time official in the Gallagher Premiership.


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