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What happened to my post count???


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Jul 9, 2007
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I've just noticed that I'm down by slightly over 2,000 posts today? Is this to do with the current database errors or what's going on?
I'm down a thousand as well,
Did the post counts from the old forum carry across? Could be something to do with that (old posts not counted anymore)
Yeah, it happened sometime today. I'm down almost a thousand posts as well.
Mines down by almost 4,000 and Bullitt's appears to be down about 8,000. So yeah, a bit harder on some of us, lol.
We've had, and are still having, database issues. Bare with us.

EDIT: I've lost 2000 posts, you ********!!!
Feic and Cyril; We've been looking for a way to tell you that you talk **** :p
Sorry, too busy getting ripped in 4 weeks.
I was going to do that, but then i saw that there were local women in my area interested in meeting up with me!
Also, there are "russian beauties" just waiting for my call

Also, +rep for Nick, i actually chuckled :p

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