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  1. I dont like that when the ball is passed out from a ruck the player catching it stands still for a secound. also should be able to take quick lineouts and simply take a quick tap kick without waiting for a choices screen to come up
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  3. By the way - come on WALES
  4. funksoul, lay off the pipe for a little while [​IMG]
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    ... cool... you're very own thread with just you in it!
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    I think the reason the players are slow to get started on the pass is to give the player an option to kick it, i know you can use "pocket", but i think it's so that you don't keep hitting the ball at speed. I reckon there should be a button to make the first five run onto the pass.
  8. the 1st five will run onto a pass if u run from the back of the ruck with the halfback and then quickly pass it, the first five will hit that beast at speed
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    some tickets have gone for 2 grand a piece
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    i just got to the world cup final with the all blacks on hard difficulty. i'd played against good teams to get to the final and it was tough but not crazy tough. then i get to the final and i'm playing england. every single time i take it into contact i was turned over. i remember this from 2004 i had really hoped it wasnt in this game too. it sucks, i lost 6 0 , 2 wilkinson drop goals. it makes the game really unrealistic, especially cos the NZ back row is way better than the current england back rowers and shouldnt have had too much trouble witht the. it now means to win on hard against a big team u have to yak it about like a sevens team on speed
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    If you stray too far from your pack (farther than you think) you'll be turned over.

    Press R (on xbox) to play the ball on the ground) in the opponents half... you'll get penalties but will win the odd ball. Only do this if you can steal lineouts as described below.

    Just jump your first man in the lineouts, you'll steal a few lineouts.

    When in doubt... drop it out... go for the drop goals. Dan Carter can hit them from a ways out... as can Andre Merhtens (who I sub for Spencer).

    But the biggest is the first... slow it down and keep your pack in play. Bring all your forwards into play. If it takes longer than 3 seconds to get a set play set FORGET IT! It will be a turnover.

    Territory matters more than one thinks, just like in real matches.

    Best of luck.
  12. funksoulbrother is so cool, i want to be like him.

    Go Cats!!!
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