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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by Enguelaz, Nov 28, 2008.

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    farrrrrrrrrr the whole time i thought global warming was real!!!!...thanks for that
  4. KZNSharksFan

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    That guy pretends to give an unbiased scientifically based view but he's almost as bad as Gore et all.
    Global Warming is happening but it is a natural process. This process happens so slowly that 10 years of cooling amidst a warming period is insignificant considering the timescale involved. I think he is trying to stir some **** though, and frankly likes the sound of his own voice.

    If the Royal Society and a group of highly experienced climatology scientists appointed by the UN are apparently wrong, then who the hell are we supposed to believe? A single scientist who seems to have lost his credibility amongs the scientific community?
    When he says humans don't have any effect on global warming, he is incorrect, because we do. However any CO2 we emit merely contributes to an already well established cycle of glacial and interglacial periods. CO2 is not after all the only factor that affects these processes, in fact it seems it is one of the less significant ones.

    Scientists are however concerned about the ammounts of CO2 in the atmosphere because there is evidence that rapid increases in atmospheric CO2 has had adverse and equally rapid effects upon the climate in the past.

    The dispute amongst the vast majority of climatology experts seems to be just exactly how much of an impact we are having, and until that is firmly established by people who know what they're talking about, it seems prudent that we should take steps to reign in or even decrease the current excessive emissions.
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    Global warming is real, but it is a naturally occuring effect rather than one we have made ourselves. Of course, we contribute to it. We are coming out of the last ice age so it is going to happen anyway, we are just accelarating it.

    In the UK, for years now we have had colder summers and warmer winters. I say this, as i mean about 50 years ago, we would be knee-deep in snow at december and it was much colder and we'd have a nice hot summer.

    We clearly do not have this anymore as the climate is changing due to the global temperature increasing.. we are seeing the merging of seasons. The weather is just slightly colder in winter, but the actual weather isn't much different. It's the icecaps melting that will cause most of the problems, and from what i can gather.. more violent storms, hurricanes, tsunamis and that kind of thing.
  6. If there's not a conspiracy theory for it, it's not a big news story these days.
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  8. Even AIDS has a conspiracy theory.
  9. As person who actually reads the printed version of the australian from time to time.Its seems that the Australian despite being generally good with its news coverage et al (i mean far far far better our papers generally speaking are one baby step up from the pommy tabloids) is a bastion of global warming skepticism which saddens me because there is enough ignorant shite in the other papers (almost all the australian included owned by murdoch) that they dont need to help.

    Therefor do not take any article on global warming in the australian serious being global warming skeptics is a hobby horse of there's.As someone said if you are ignorant enough you will believe anything denying global warming is right up there. Although i despise how the politicians really couldnt give a toss about it but will abuse it to raise taxes the real culprits of global warming will get away scot free whilst you and i will pay for it through the nose.
  10. An Tarbh

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    ah shite and there was me about to take this in hook line and sinker, even though that's what I already believe but being the gullible, naive, non thinker for myself I may well have already done so!!!
  11. RC

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    I enjoy how i'm made to feel criminalised these days because i couldn't give a f*** about global warming and whether it exists or not.

    Hey, great species are determined by their abilitiy to adapt to harsh changing environments. If this does f*** up the world then we'll really see how great the human race is!
    If it doesn't f*** up then earth than carry on as before.

    It's a win-win situation really.
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