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What is the your shoesmark ?



I have Gilbert :cheers:
Size Eu : 48 and it cost 50 euros :ranting:

But like SOnic with that I can run faster :bleh!:
Im not sure what you are asking.. but if it is what kind of boots i own, i have a pair of Size 10W Kaha SI, costed me .. CA$99.99.
I have a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor III SG and Nike Air Zoom Rugby XV....the mercurials are moulded and I wear them in the dry and the zooms are metal screw ins that I use when its very wet.

Mercurial III's retail for about $300 and the rugby xv zooms were bout $200 about a year and a half ago. UK size 11, US size 12, Euro size 46.
got me a pair of Nike MVIII with moulded and another with the metal studs, but theyre a tad wrecked infact one of them i lost the sole to at training one day :(

both size 10

next gonna get some preds(other then the blue and black ones, i only like the older versions which are a pain to get hold of) or f50's or maybe even nike lasers :D
I'm using the adidas kangaroo leather predators (classic red white and black ones) for firm ground. and adidas F50+ for wet weather.
1) absolado

2) absolion

3) absolute

whats the diff?

haha im using adidas F30+ air force blue and silver
I bought a pair of Adidas Midcut boots several years back in a shop in Belfast...no clue what the actual name of them are...
US size 15

Can a 1st or 2nd rower get away with wearing lowcut shoes? I hate the big clunky mids...
I want something light and agile (probably molded) like my trainers.
<div class='quotemain'> 1) absolado

2) absolion

3) absolute

whats the diff?
The top two are ****. The other one isn't.
Haha I was thinking exactly the same thing.

Obviously the difference is price, which means the difference is quality!
The PowerPulse sockliner is supposed to make it the lightest Predator boot ever.
im thinking of buying the new mercurial vapors in cactus green


sharp as hell!!
I wear a size 11 white Adidas F50+ with the metal tipped blades. I'm shocked how well they cope with scrummaging, rucking, mauling a backrow forward puts them through. Although for £120 they f***ing well should do

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