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what rugby do u love more?

What's the favourite rugby version in here?

  • 1) Rugby Union

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  • 2) Rugby League

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  • 3) Seven

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I don't know if anyone already asked something like that but i'm very curious to know what version of rugby has more fans in here.Please dudes let me know what rugby u love more and why.(evitating to say ur favourite is better than others
Personally im a union fan forever!!!! i love rucks,line outs and real scrums.
By the way regarding 7 there exist a Union version but also a League version.
Originally posted by DonBilly@Apr 4 2005, 10:29 PM
By the way regarding 7 there exist a Union version but also a League version.
well it was the seven in genral both union and league.
anyways what version do u love more? and why?
I voted Rugby Union because it is the code which offers the most diversity. The RL can be seen as kind of subset of it although I recognize that they can be faster than Union.

I like RL and 7 but my preference goes to Union.
Yes, there is a thread on this. And I said Union in that as well. Takes in a wider range of skills.
Union. I can hardly watch a league game anymore. It's too repetitive I miss the variations of Union.
i love rugby league,union and sevens when a team with a majority of islanders are playing

seriously the flair,skill levels and athleticism is unmatched...jus the da brains department we fall short in

rugby league=nz warriorz+razzle dazzle
rugby union=blues...need i say more
sevens=fiji and samoa and ofcourse the nz squad
i love rugby!..........................sevens.......yep it was me who voted for sevens

mainly cos it hardly comes out on tv in Australia
Union definitely
only real reason is that was how i was bought up. Most people these days are more interested in union because of the success of england, and when playing rugby as a child it is much easier to play union as there are many more clubs, well where i come from anyways.
I enjoy both. Both have their boring moments like in league when they just do a crash ball every 5 secs then kick for territory. or in Union when they simply kick for touch and force the game into a grind. On whole though I like Union better.

The France vs Wales game during the 6 nations showed me how a properly played game of union is way more exciting then league. The drama during that much was awesome especially at the end with the 5 meter scrum and wales won against the head!!!! Brilliant stuff really!!!!!
I just really discovered League in the past couple months when I found some match replays on the internet (god bless Telstra). All I had to do was watch last year's 2nd State of Origin and was quite smitten with League.

I love Union and will probably always favour it but the huge hits in League are fantastic. I actually think North American fans would be really accepting and excited about League because it is so close to American Gridiron. Also all North Americans love huge hits... and that's what League is all about.

And sevens... what a great change of pace... Fijian flair at its finest is a pure joy to watch

AAAhhhhhhI can't decide... flashback to yesterday's exam

They're all great!
to play = Union
to watch = League

International rugby union matches are too far between drinks
Domestic Rugby is shocking - the level of intensity compared to internationals is pathetic........its like they only care when representing their country

State Of Origin in rugby league is next to none, the greatest specticle of them all
International rugby league is in shambles and sux - The Anzac Test, just cant compete with Bledisloe's!

Lions Tours v Kangaroo Tours = King of the jungle v A Giant Rat - U get my drift

Overall - Rugby League......................referees in Union can depict whether the match is worth watching, which is a sour taste IMO.....the grey areas of interpretations of rules etc, is too inconsistent on both hemisphere's to justify its better than League..............give em 2 pts for a penalty and I may change my mind..............winning a match off the back of the refs whistle from his intepretation of an infringement (which may differ in other rugby areas) really is a low blow to the sport.........only the tradition and intensity of internationals make up for these low blows.

my 2 cents
i would say, that the state of origion is very hard to turn down. the game of union will have to have a super important game on for it not to be the state of o
personally I like watching both and like playing both versions. Only league I have played is pickup but it was always fun as I love to just charge at people and crash ball.
Originally posted by Canadian_Rugger@Apr 19 2005, 01:34 PM
personally I like watching both and like playing both versions. Only league I have played is pickup but it was always fun as I love to just charge at people and crash ball.
In league there is more emphisis on individual brilliance and fast paced action, but I like both.
League any day over Union, union is too stifled, no real aggressive hits on the defence because of the risk of turn over, kicking into touch is annoying.