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What teams do you predict will get promoted in the next few years?

Right, so league sponsorship, televised matches, and giant slaying opportunities, results in significantly less exposure than no sponsorship, no televised matches and no giant slaying opportunities...
Not to mention less up-front money, less sponsorship opportunities and smaller crowds...
Yes, but your idea is effectively a div 1 and div 2, which will end up the same way as county cricket or premier football. The same set of teams every year with a rotation of a few. The outcome is that those teams at bottom lose sponsorship and other finance, and then struggle.
You only have to look at USA, to see that in the land of free markets, their sport is centrally managed to ensure that the competition as a whole is at its most valuable.

Following this idea then clubs need to understand that it needs to be all for one and one for all.

On another note, there needs to be a good geographical spread, but there also needs to be less games, so that players are playing a greater percentage of games.
Yes, because life is so easy for teams currently outside the top 13. More money and more exposure will definitely make it harder for them.

But then, you've read my proposal before and know all of that, and know that your first is a mis-representation.