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what to do with argentina

Tri Nations but Sanzar won't have cause of the travel involved, which is a bit of a cop out imo. Argentina have proved they deserve to play in a regular competition at a high level but they also deserve the chance to play at home as well. Having 2 weeks between certain matches as well is a way around that problem but methinks Sanzar don't like the idea of a new tv deal.
It would actually be just what the doctor ordered to bring some life to the Tri-nations. This year`s comp. was a bit of a farce really- for us SA`s there is nothing bigger than a game vs. the old enemy, NZ- the rivalry goes back some 100 years, even though it`s been heavily in NZ`s favour over the last 10. That said, playing the AB`s 3 times per year, every year, is beginning to devalue the importance of the big match IMO- just look at some of the half-full stadiums towards the end of the comp. this year.

Now, if we could add Argentina and a PIRA team, making a SH 5-nations, with each team playing 2 home games and 2 away games each year, and rotating home advantage on a yearly basis like the old NH 5-nations, then that would certainly bring some spark to the comp. Imagine having only 1 SAvs NZ, Aus vs SA and NZ vs Aus game every year- all of a sudden the big game just got even bigger.

Added to that, the Argies and the PIRA team gets some extra game-time, and extra exposure ensuring extra revenue, and you get a situation whereby the global game is the winner as the gospel of rugby gets spread to football-mad South America.

A nice idea in theory, but once again, with the current NewsCorp deal running until 2010, don`t expect any changes soon- in fact, next year the 3N reverts back to a 6-test format in deference yto the RWC, but for 2009/10 the format is back to 9 tests. Would be interesting to see what happens when the current broadcast deal runs through, though.
get them in the six nations, we'ed have as many fixtures as the tri nations, and most of the agies play in europe. The only thing is that the support maybe lesser, cos theyd probably need to play in spain.

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