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what view do u guys play in?

side view

was tough at first to get used to it, but its is by far the best!
plays way way way better than any of the others
I used to use one of the classic views (can't remember which one) when I first began to play and it wasn't until I saw some of the footage from the rugby forum competition that I thought about changing.

I switched and hated it. I then went back to the classic one.

I decided that I would have another go - dropped down a level (played at normal) and kept at it. It wasn't until I put the level back to elite and have been playing side view ever since.

Trust me it is worth the effort and the smashings that the pc gives you at first but it quickly changes and you will enjoy it a lot better.
i did play classic until the torny made us change to side view, tbh it wasnt that much of a change for me cause every other game i played side view.
well aparently the new version you can change the view, like a customised view, that will be interesting.
Side view ONLY for me.

i can only play these games from a TV's perspective - to get the same feel, that i am controlling a match

Only in Madden do i not use the TV view - of course in Madden its designed to be played from behind

it really fired me up that sidhe ballsed up side view TWICE - not once but TWICE

JLR's side cam was the greatest - and 2006 Rugby side view works a treat too
Classic 2,

Defense is a bit awkward in Side View, and in Classic one can't always see when your team has the ball.
I play in the classic view that rotates behind the attacking team, forget which one. I just cant manage to play any rugby games in side view. I hope HB have fixed the weird perspective and lack of depth perception in the new classic views.

Customizable views sound good, hopefully you can zoom the camera in/out to your liking.

Truck and Zoom Camera • Introduce new camera angles that allow the user to see more of the action on the field. • Zoom in on breakdowns to better see the action at these key moments. • Allow the user to see the result of conversion and penalty kicks. • Allow user to see where they are aiming when kicking from a stoppage. [/b]
Whichever view is the default one was the one I was using up until a week ago now I use classic(2 I think). It's much better for reading what the opposition is doing and finding touch with your kicks.
the classic view which switches to the team in possession is easiest. You can see when you're turned over and see the gaps real easy. Less so in side view, but its better for the overall feel of the game. You get more of a sense of making ground.
yeah, also with classic view you can see where the fullback or back 3 are positioned in case u wanted to kick it.
side view does seem faster tho, but once again defence is a bit awkward.
Side view has more variety on attack and defence because you can see more players and read what is the best option for attack and defence.

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