What would be Your 31 man Squad and Starting 15 for Your country in the Rugby World Cup 2019 guys

Discussion in 'International Test Matches' started by ruck987, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. dullonien

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    You've also left Tipuric out of the 31! I know Navidi offers more versatility with his ability to slot in at 6,7 & 8, but he misses out for me for 3 of Tips, Warns, Cubby & Elis Jenkins.

    Good shout on Jarvis, he could be in with a great shout to cover both sides of the scrum. Personally I'd have Smith ahead of Wyn Jones. His scrummaging seems strong again, whilst his work in the loose and over the ball is superior.

    Maybe North goes at the expense of Halfpenny with Liam, Amos and Adams all able to play fullback? North will need to show some form at the Ospreys to justify it though.

    Wouldn't be surprised if Watkin overtakes Scott Williams this season either. I like Scott, flashes of brilliance, but he's just not consistent enough.

    Do we need a third 10 in the squad, or does Parkes provide emergency cover?
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  3. bushytop

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    Oct 3, 2011
    Here be dragons!
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    London Welsh

    Good shout about North over Halfpenny due to the coverage at fb. Agreed that he needs to have a pretty good season at the Ospreys to make that happen though. Feel a little concerned for the Ospreys next season too, a lot depends on whether Sam Davies can reach somewhere near the potential I think he has.

    Hope your right about Watkin, had a decent summer tour and needs to be at that level or better moving forward. He looks to capable of doing so.

    About the 10’s, for me although there is some capable players out there (Owain Williams, Biggar though you know what you will get with him, Preistland, Jarrod Evans, Sam Davies if he steps up), currently I don’t see anyone that could offer enough more than Hadleigh to justify the selection when you can only take 31. Hadleigh also has the benefit of being a Scarlet, whom will in all probability provide the majority of the backs.
  4. The_Blindside

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    Oct 17, 2013
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    British Irish Lions

    What a big miss Warbs will be for Wales next year. Both at the breakdown and his leadership qualities. Lydiate done now for Wales?
  5. The_Blindside

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    Oct 17, 2013
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    British Irish Lions

    I suspect Jones wilol go with:

    1. Mako
    2. Hartley - for his leadership if nothing else and George didn’t do enough on the SA tour
    3. Cole - return to him to start and play for 50 and Sinckler to finish for the final half hour.
    4. Itoje
    5. Kruis - still the best locking partner for Maro imo.
    6. Shields
    7. Underhill
    8. Billy Vunipola
    9. Youngs
    10. Ford
    11. Daly
    12. Farrelll
    13. Joseph
    14. Watson
    15. Brown

    16. George
    17. Marler
    18. Sinckler
    19. Lawes
    20. Tom Curry
    21. Care
    22. Te’o
    23. Nowell

    24. LCD
    25. Williams
    26. Launchbury
    27. Robshaw
    28. Robson
    29. Slade
    30. Cipriani
    31. May

    Maybe Tuiliagi, but just can’t rely on him any more. Haskell is another one - between him and Robshaw. But time to phase one or both out.
  6. RugbyXV

    RugbyXV Academy Player

    Sep 28, 2018
    England squad if fit and firing (fingers crossed)

    1 MAKO
    4 LAWES
    5 ITOJE
    7 CURRY
    8 BILLY
    9 YOUNGS
    10 FARRELL
    12 SLADE
    13 TUILAGI
    14 MAY
    15 DALY

    16 OBANO
    17 GEORGE
    18 COLE
    21 ROBSON
    22 CIPS


  7. Geordiefalcon

    Geordiefalcon Bench Player

    Jun 10, 2014
    Newcastle upon Tyne
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    Newcastle RU

    Match day 23
    Its a tough one actually....locks are a dilemma...front row...back row...centres....
    Jeez we're in trouble for this World Cup.

    1 Mako
    2 George
    3 Williams
    4 Lawes
    5 Calum Green ;) - Actually I generally don't know who I would partner Lawes with...we are missing a genuine Bruiser, wheres our Retallick
    6 Mercer
    7 Underhill / Curry / (Possibly Simmonds an option)
    8 Billy V

    9 Young
    10 Farrell
    11 May
    12 Williams
    13 Slade
    14 Watson
    15 Daly

    16 Hepburn? Moon? Will Obano be back playing?? Its all very Meh!!
    17 LCD
    18 Sinkler
    19 Lock Replacement...just unsure
    20 Underhill / Curry / (Possibly Simmonds an option)
    21 Care / Robson
    22 Manu
    23 Nowell
  8. dullonien

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    Nov 2, 2006
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    Wales update:

    01 Rob Evans
    02 Ken Owens
    03 Samson Lee
    04 Cory Hill
    05 AWJ
    06 Ross Moriarty
    07 Justin Tipuric
    08 Taulupe Faletau

    09 Gareth Davies
    10 Rhys Patchell
    11 Liam Williams
    12 Hadleigh Parkes
    13 Jon Davies
    14 George North
    15 Leigh Halfpenny

    16 Elliot Dee
    17 Nicky Smith
    18 Tomos Francis
    19 Jake Ball
    20 James Davies
    21 Tomos Williams
    22 Gareth Anscombe
    23 Josh Adams

    24 Ryan Elias
    25 Dillon Lewis
    26 Seb Davies
    27 Ellis Jenkins
    28 Aled Davies
    29 Jarrod Evans
    30 Scott Williams
    31 Steff Evans
  9. Ireland Slam

    Ireland Slam Academy Player

    Oct 25, 2018
    1 Healy
    2 Best (C)
    3 Furlong
    4 James Ryan
    5 Beirne
    6 O'Mahony
    7 Leavy
    8 Stander

    9 Murray
    10 Sexton
    11 Stockdale
    12 Henshaw
    13 Ringrose
    14 Earls
    15 R Kearney

    16 S Cronin
    17 J McGrath
    18 Porter
    19 Henderson
    20 O'Brien
    21 Cooney
    22 Carbery
    23 Addison

    24 John Ryan
    25 N Scannell
    26 Toner
    27 Murphy
    28 Marmion
    29 R Byrne
    30 Aki
    31 Larmour

    I've seen a lot of people thinking we may take just the two 10s and use Cooney as third-choice, but I think with the versatility given by Addison (can cover 11-15, the ideal #23) we'll bring Byrne along to allow us to rest Sexton entirely against the tier 2 nations.

    Other talking points:
    • I appreciate no Larmour in the 23 seems crazy. However I really think Addison will have that 23 shirt nailed down as it's so handy him being able to cover both centre and the back 3. Depending on form Larmour could easily find himself starting - I think if all are fit it will end up Larmour vs Stockdale for the 11 shirt, as fielding both inexperienced wingers against the likes of NZ may just be a bit too risky. Both have an enormous future with Ireland though.
    • The options in the back row are just ridiculously strong. Conan and Ruddock would make most other nations' squads, but leaving out van der Flier in particular seems so harsh. It will come down to form at the time - vdF could very easily have established himself as Ireland's first choice 7 by then. Just feel if the starting line-up come RWC is the same as it was during the 6N, Murphy and O'Brien offer greater versatility in a small squad. Could well bring 6 back rows and drop a back.
  10. BluenoseKelv

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    Oct 27, 2018
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    Not been into Rugby that long so still learning some of the ropes for England I think Jones will go for (not my preferred team tbh)

    1. Mako Vunipola
    2. Dylan Hartley
    3. Dan Cole
    4. Maro Itoje
    5. Joe Launchbury
    6. Chris Robshaw
    7. Tom Curry
    8. Billy Vunipola

    9. Ben Youngs
    10. Owen Farrell
    11. Jonny May
    12. Manu Tuilagi
    13. Elliott Daly
    14. Chris Ashton
    15. Mike Brown

    16. Ellis Genge
    17. Kyle Sinkler
    18. Jamie George
    19. Courtney Lawes
    20. Sam Underhill
    21. Danny Care
    22. Henry Slade
    23. Jack Nowell

    Harry Williams
    George Kruis
    Brad Shields
    Nathan Hughes
    Dan Robson
    George Ford
    Ben Te'o
    Anthony Watson
  11. Leinster Fan

    Leinster Fan First XV

    Nov 5, 2017
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    Attempt 3

    15. Kearney
    14. Earls
    13. Ringrose
    12. Henshaw
    11. Stockdale
    10. Sexton
    9. Murray

    1. Healy
    2. Scannell (maybe Best)
    3. Furlong
    4. Toner
    5. Ryan
    6. POM
    7. J Vdf
    8. Stander

    16. Cronin
    17. J McGrath
    18. Porter
    19. Henderson
    20. Leavy/SOB
    21. Marmion
    22. Carbery
    23. Larmour

    As a squad

    Props: Healy, McGrath, Furlong, Porter, Ryan/Bealham (depending on form)
    Hookers: Scannell, Cronin, Best/Herring
    Locks: Ryan, Toner, Henderson, Beirne
    Back row: O'Mahony, Van Der Flier, Leavy, SOB (a certainty for his versatility even if he never finds his form again), Stander

    Halfbacks: Murray, Marmion, McGrath, Sexton, Carbery, Byrne
    Centre: Aki, Henshaw, Ringrose
    Back 3: Stockdale, Kearney, Earls, Larmour, Addison

    A list of players that'll start the QF when all of the above players inevitably get injured: Kilcoyne, Tracy, Bealham, Kleyn/Roux, Ruddock, J Murphy, Conan, Cooney, McCloskey, C Farrell, Conway.

    No idea who'd be captain of Best is gone. POM/Sexton aren't good at talking to refs. Maybe Murray? Or we could just skip to the point and give it to James Ryan.

    Can't wait to decide that this is wrong and do it again in a few months. ;):D
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  12. Jabby

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    Nov 25, 2010
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    New Zealand

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    ...started...then stopped...buggered if i know...glad its not my job
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  13. Oliver Madden

    Oliver Madden Academy Player

    Jun 20, 2018
    this would be my starting 15. not sure about wider squad
    1. Mako Vunipola
    2. Hartley
    3. Sinckler
    4. Itoje
    5. Lawes
    6. Tom Curry
    7. Sam Underhill
    8. Billy V
    9. Youngs
    10. Farrell
    11. Cokanasiga - bolter.
    12. J Joseph
    13. Manu
    14. May
    15. Watson
  14. Dai Yorkshire

    Dai Yorkshire Academy Player

    Jul 15, 2018
    I have to agree, many here have put Davies and Jenkins before Warbs, but Warbs was the best 7 in the North bar none
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