Whats more offensive?

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by ..::ERIC::.., Aug 22, 2006.

  1. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

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  3. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    a blow up kangaroo with a noose aroun it's neck, alla bledisloe match number 1. that's a disgrace.

    ... we don't don't hang blow up kiwi's tui's or moa's
  4. Caledfwlch

    Caledfwlch Guest

    we should just hang laporte and conolly for starting this dumb riot
  5. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    No. Your possums already got rid of them all.
  6. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    i don't know why kiwi's think that aussies love possums, they're a menace to us as much as they are you.
  7. Ripper

    Ripper Guest


    Wait, I thought I was a left winger for the moment - my bad.

    I personally don't find either of them offensive - I personally find the fact the French rolled over in WWII offends me more.
  8. Who cares if the All Blacks have that gesture in their haka. If they did that against Scotland most of us would start swaggering towards them, clutching a bottle of buckfast whilst having tracksuit bottoms tucked into football socks and wearing a burberry cap! Trust the French to kick up a fuss.
  9. DC

    DC Guest

    or you guys could just show them whats under your kilts.
  10. Caledfwlch

    Caledfwlch Guest

    just like that whiskey ad! haw haw. laporte should be chucked in some cannon and blasted away
  11. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    A tiny gesture of a throat slit... yeah, it's hard to see how anyone could make the connection between moving your thumb across under your neck and something violent :rolleyes: .
    FFS ERIC try to be a little objective! Personally I think it's all a bit of fuss over nothing, but in the context of a fear ridden society where videos of people having THERE THROATS SLIT or HEADS CUT CLEAN OFF by terrorists are hitting the net, it's not hard to understand why some people may not be too keen at seeing such a similar gesture at the rugby.
  12. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    Now, I don't watch any wrestling anymore, but from memory there is some character who does the same throat slitting action before his main move or whatever you call it. Does anybody watch wrestling and know who he is / if he still does it?
  13. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    I've always hated that WWE crap (or WWF and whatever the otherone was before the merger), so I can't help you out... either way, I wouldn't be surprised if they still did it seeing how showy and wanky that crap is.
  14. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    i think it was umanga

    no really i think it was

    his best move is the ass in the face in the corner, classic
  15. Caledfwlch

    Caledfwlch Guest

    was it chris benoit, who did the throat slitting gesture before a diving headbutt off the top rope?
  16. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Erics point is - All this hub bub from the PC Brigade about Kapo Pango, but noone is talking about Tonga's war dance... and from memory (havent seen it in ages) Samoa's is hardly the most friendly of challenges.
  17. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    You sure do read me like a book ripper. A picture book. A picture book thats so f***ing simple to understand it blows my mind when others don't get me.
  18. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    It could be that I have the mind of a small child.
  19. esoj

    esoj Guest

    sanzar is aussie cut him some slack.

    I thought the point was fairly obvious too. all this fuss over what the abs are doing when other countries are doing things very similar.
  20. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    *sigh* Yeah, listen I wasn't actually complaining about the HAKA, I personally think Kapa o Pango is pretty cool, but considering Chas from the chaser got arrested for selling fake weapons outside a Bulldogs game, I'm not at all surprised that people have reacted negatively to the new throat slitting gesture in the new HAKA. As for Tonga and Samoa, well even the most one eyed of kiwi patriots should be able to see that they don't have all that much media exposure, and there's nothing in either of their hakas quite as obvious as the throat slit.

    In any case boys, it seems to me that most of the whinging about this has come from kiwi's. You guys just can't stop talking about it when almost everyone else has moved on... FFS there was only ever one comment from Connolley and one by the French and you're carrying on like the world is out to get you! The amount of kiwi's going around crying that people don't respect their culture is getting very boooooring...
  21. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    When theres fish theres gunna be a fisherman.
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