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Boks to miss World Cup?

The South African rugby team may have their passports confiscated if the make-up of the side does not meet government's transformation requirements.

This is according to Butana Komphela, the chairperson of South Africa's parliamentary committee on sport.

"My fear is that the Boks will not be at the World Cup," he told Die Burger.

"We will try to convince the minister of home affairs to cancel the passports if the team is not representative.
But strangely enough, if six out of the World Cup squad of 30 are players of colour that may be enough to avoid disaster.

"We will not be happy with six players, but would regard it as a good start," said Komphela.

"We would like to see that SA Rugby considers all the talent that is available when choosing the squad.

"Six out of 30 is not representative, but it's a good start. If good reasons are provided, we will take it into consideration and change our approach. Nobody has control over things like injuries.

"In principle we won't allow a team that is not representative of the South African picture to represent the country."

FFS, we want the BEST Springboks team to be at the RWC, not a f.ucken politically correct "representative of the South African picture".

Leave Rugby alone.
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