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When Prestwick and the SH go to war...



When I usually have a drunken orgy of "circular arguing" with my chums from the Southern Hemisphere, it is normally done in private, far from prying eyes or the mystique of a pressman's notepad or a paparazzi's photographic box.

However, recently, I allowed a man with a camera to film myself (in white), arguing with Ripper and Welly about something, probably about the shape of the 50 pence piece. Soon afterwards St Helens wades in to restore order.

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EDIT: *St Helens* YES! PUNCH!
Since you've needed to restore your push after not hitting the Cardiff punk with a legdrop of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.
Does cupping my ear to the marble pillar of doom, in a Hulk Hogan stylee not count?
I'm not going to be able to get "Yes...Punch!" out of my head. I've just said it to the stoner who delivered my pizza.
I could imagine St Helens randomly punching people while shouting "YES!" and "PUNCH!" in an American accent.

<Welly> But our winning recor-
<St Helens> "PUNCH!"
<Ripper> "Show us y'moves!"
<Bokmagic> "Falcon...PUNCH!"
<THE TRUTH> "Mission complete!"
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Pressie sounds like an appropriate ***le for him Welly.

:D thanx bah...hehehe...hold on <_< you calling me Welly too? :lol: [/b][/quote]
Yeah, I'm calling you Welly too :p...So in turn, i'll allow you to shorten my name to bah

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