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Where are the player information files stored?



I am wanting to try and edit some players faces. I know players faces are in the data.gob in .fsh format. But is there anyway I can find a certain players face as all the file names are named like 73dcf348bfea940076d6585c313f5b55, and there are thousands of these files. How did you guys find out what file contains the correct kits ect...

Open every single one and write it down

i was going to do some but couldn't be bothered here is the ones i've found, note that there are multiples here so obviously many of the not so well known players have the same face as some of the other players, thats why i gave up, eg there are like 10 players with wendells face

bfa7d65e303127529417d6dfaab55e09.big rico gear

8d2bd9fd4737ab39ca61d7736e814160.big jerry collins

2a73eb9a89395fa09cee060952fdd228.big wendell sailor but might not be his

3c401265b23e247b344f8d66c7d03de5.big piri weepu

4f88fe399c5287903c52cc4832d824a7.big christian cullen

6cbdee88270a7d33735e2fcafb12706d.big carlos spencer

6dad754708d5dd65c1565581a29f8785.big lote tuqiri

6fe1470e36563bf27f972cdecfc3a44d.big quentin davids

8e074e7248a7d1f4ff1ccc6241028742.big tana
b99e39996ebe6dbe659ea276fe908083.big tana as well

8fe5e6f57e912f09ad2839e0180b6569.big taine randell

11fb440ac4b70ffd433d4c34c83db601.big white from england

17bae0659475f6ee52fd87957bc84bfe.big sione lauaki

22c7a0774554f57af689cfa0d846dda6.big brian lima?

1e87539bded6a684533e823c32da79e5.big leota

85940b73e6ecdd57f0441e7091eed082.big rokocoko

da428bd3be1f9926778f39d65b01c1c6.big rokocoko
There must be some file though which gives reference to the face the player uses. For example I want to edit Tom Varndell's face or create a new one for him. But there must be a file which links to the face he uses.
yeah i know what you mean, I hope there is because then creating things like the NRL with realistics faces etc, edinburgh_gunner found a way to edit team names and the logos are all changeable
Anyone found out anything on this subject? I wan't to change some players faces.
there seems to be multiple players with the same face which sucks editing wise (if you edit one it changes the others with the same face)
There must be a file somewhere though that gives the face id that each player uses. So if you found this file you could edit which face it uses and perhaps link it to a new face.
They are stored in my document / ea sports / rugby 06

Hope that helps


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