Where The All Blacks Should go with their young and upcoming players and the developing squad for th

Discussion in 'International Test Matches' started by Jay Bee Kay, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Jay Bee Kay

    Jay Bee Kay Guest

    I Think they should give these players a go seeing as they stood out in the super 14 2008 campaign,

    Masaga from Chiefs, Benson stanley (Auckland Blues), Stephen Brett (Crusader) but Stepehn Donald fly half with carter on inside center i like that, David Smith (Blues) have you seen the sevens series, he literally ran 2 players out of his way and hes got a step thatll leave you in a zone, zac guidford (Hurricanes) this guy along with Kade Poki(Crusaders) upcoming stars from under21 world cup and maitland(crusaders)

    Richard kahui should keep his place, look at that try saving tackle he did on tiquri in the tri nations and hes young, he should be our 2011 wing along side rockocko and tuitavake on bench, tuitavake great player little exposure, and then nonu, doing a great job but i think mcalister should just come back and take his rightfull place as inside center coz then we got that robbie deans thing, to fly-halfs in the backline which equals more flare.

    conrad smith world class outside center he should go to the world cup and stay at his place, as for the forwards i cant say much just that jerome kaino should stay.

    oh and brendon lenoard as scrumhalf hes the best, he just has to come out of that injury and then we have our world class all blacks back again

    so my backline that i would love to see reach 2011 would be like this

    9 - B.lenoard (Weepu 2nd Choice)
    10 - D.Carter (Possibly Stepehen Donald taking over moving carter to inside center 2nd half)
    11 - J.Rockocko (Masaga/Tuitavake 2nd Choice thats for strong defence)
    12 - M.Nonu (McAlister if he decides to return with nonu starting 2nd half)
    13 - C.Smith (Tuitavake/Toeava 2nd Choice)
    14 - R.Kahui (Tuitavake/Masaga 2nd Choice)
    15 - M.Muliaina (I Dont know if we have a another fullback that can live up to mills reputation at back, with macdonalds injury)
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  3. punkbrain

    punkbrain Guest

    I see that u are concerned about building for the future but thrusting these players into test rugby could be fatal.
    See what happened with I.Toeava.....G.Henry threw him into test rugby even b4 he played super14......a few years on he still hasn't put in a convincing display in black!.....Now there's no doubt guys like B.Stanley,L.Masaga,D.Smith and Z.Guilford are very talented and they've got huge potential......but there is time for everyone to shine......and believe me their time will come!!

    R.Kahui is NOT A WINGER!!!...........he himself had said that he would love to play in midfield for the rest of his career!!

    H.Gear should be the best All Black winger by 2011!!

    My dream backline for the End-of-Year tour:


    My dream backline for 2011 world cup:

  4. jawmalawm24

    jawmalawm24 Guest

    Yeah I hope the likes of David Smith, Lelia Masaga an Zac Guilford get their chance especially Lelia Masaga because I use to go to school with his older brother and him. He's been leading try scorer in the Super14 last season and 2nd equal with Habana 2007 season so what else does he need to do it's just too bad he plays for a crap team like Counties he should come back to where he was born in Wellington.

    David Smith is awesome he always goes hard even in a struggling team like Auckland this season. I can't wait to see him back in Wellington colours because he is one of the most exciting young players in New Zealand Rugby and he no doubt will be in black real soon.

    My dream lineup for the end of year tour would be:


    I picked most of these fullaz because NH don't deserve to play our 1st string team they keep sending us their 2nd or 3rd string so I think we should do the same.

    Who I think will actually get the run on:

    14.A.Tuitavake/J.Rokocoko if he's fit
    15.M.Muliaina if his Mrs gives birth pretty soon if not than P.Williams

    To be honest thou I don't really like Nonu I think he sucks and he showed it when he played against Taranaki he created a try only to give one away within the next 10min. I put A.Ellis in there even thou I don't really like him but I'm trying to base my decisions on what the 3 wise men would probably go for.

    I think they should of picked on form and had at least a few players from the likes of Hawkes Bay Magpies and Southland Stags after all they were both Air New Zealand Cup Semi-Finalist.

    I would of put my favourtie player Hosea Gear in there but to be honest I don't think they'll give him a chance unless someone else gets injured.
  5. ChiefsFan

    ChiefsFan Guest

    My dream team for 2011 World Cup.

    1 Mackintosh
    2 Elliot
    3 Afoa
    4 Boric
    5 Thrush/O'Neill
    6 Messam
    7 McCaw
    8 Read
    9 Leonard
    10 Carter
    11 Guildford
    12 Bateman
    13 Kahui
    14 Masaga
    15 Muliaina

    16 de Malmanche
    17 Schwalger
    18 O'Neill/Thrush
    19 Latimer
    20 Cowan
    21 Donald
    22 Williams

    That's assuming players like So'oalo and the like are not playing anymore.
  6. Jay Bee Kay

    Jay Bee Kay Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (punkbrain @ Oct 22 2008, 12:02 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    i know richard kahui is not a wing but he has adapt very well next to conrad smith and they have that undastanding, but hes explosive on 13 as well, and as for H.Gear sowi i 4got about him, like his brother yes i agree he should be in the all blacks squad hes got the speed and strength.
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