Whether EA will continue a series of games RUGBY?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by gunner2008, May 24, 2008.

  1. gunner2008

    gunner2008 Guest

    WHO knows about continuation leave the information here!
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  3. robbo1981

    robbo1981 Guest

    I read over on the EA forums that they are making a new game. It should be out towards the end of the year. I hope they include a sevens mode this time. And make it more difficult.
  4. Radman

    Radman Guest

    Can you provide a link to this confirmation please?.
  5. waring192

    waring192 Guest

    Ive been following the EA forums for a while and there has not been any talk of a new one in the pipeline. There was a EA admin member who also stated that there isnt one in the works at the mo, and that was about 3 months ago.
  6. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Doesn't anyone else think this is a bit odd? I mean if the NH pundits are to be believed, rugby has never been bigger in it's largest global market of Europe and is steadily gaining popularity elsewhere following what was apparently the most successful world cup ever held in France. Surely there is ample scope for high profits if they made a next gen game now. What gives?
  7. rsea

    rsea Guest

    I think the EA Rugby editions we've seen pretty clearly show how much priority EA give to rugby. Its a damn shame and I don't understand it either but compared with their flagship titles its clear they're putting no real effort in and delivering a product well below the mark. I think they should put the game on ice until they're ready to do it properly.
  8. Radman

    Radman Guest

    Rugby shmugby, I want them to improve on their Cricket games now lol!, Cricket it is going to take over the world muahaha!!!...LOL!
  9. nik

    nik Guest

    On the HB studios website they say they have 5 projects running currently. Maybe rugby is one of them? though they are now involved in making a lot more EA games. They have developed Big Beach Sports, Euro 2008, NBA Live 2008, NHL 08.

    I think there will be a Rugby 09. I'm pretty sure it will be released in the beginning of 6 nations and Super 14 (around Feb 2009), just like Rugby 2005 and 2006 did.
  10. rodri_arg91

    rodri_arg91 Guest

    Yeah a sevens mode would rock
  11. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    Yeah that would be good to add new modes but I'd rather have them improve the actual game instead of adding more things to complain about.
  12. Thingimubob

    Thingimubob Guest

    just hope if they do release a new improved game, that they release it on the Wii or PS2. But, they've got a lot to do to improve it: bring in a licensed Celtic League and French Top 14, so we can have fully licensed Welsh, Irish, Scottish and French teams. Hell, they could even do the Italian League as well, which would mean a fully licensed Heineken cup. They should bring back the option of playing different world cups, as well as a random option, because only playing the 2007 WC Pools is really boring. A Sevens option would be cool as well, but they should improve the Career Mode first. They should do it more like Fifa, where you start off with one of the smaller clubs (for example an Italian Club, the Newport Gwent Dragons, Worcester, Montpellier and Connacht) and have to build up their fortunes, and qualify for the Heineken Cup, and as your reputation and skill as a coach rises, you could get offers from the bigger clubs. Then, while coaching these clubs, you could be offered the job of coaching your country (though you're still able to coach your club) and if you coach a British team/are British, get offered the job of coaching the Lions. That's how it could work in the NH mode, though they'd have to maybe add in the National SH Competitions (like the Currie Cup) to lengthen the SH season. And, as well as this, if they do add a Sevens mode, you could have the option of coaching your National Sevens Side, or even enter your club into a Sevens competition. Might be a bit ambitious, but it could work.
  13. Ho3n3r

    Ho3n3r Guest

    As long as EA will just update the players accurately with correct positions their rugby games will become more enjoyable.
  14. deadlydemon

    deadlydemon Guest

    They should keep releasing them, and keep improving them too.. Whilst i enjoy 08 i don't think it was a big enough improvement too warrant 2 years of making.
  15. crowbar129

    crowbar129 Guest

    Of course they will :D.
  16. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    It still astounds me how they can make so many basic errors when it comes to representative players' positions.

    Players' abilities and positions need huge improvement. Surely it only takes a few people who really know their rugby to fix this up. Plus, they can go to all of the teams' websites and get their details in regards to what positions they play, along with profile pictures and their general stats.

    It comes off very amateurish when you've got people like Julian Huxley at no. 8 for their primary position.

    But they also need to work on getting the basic rules of the game right. They're very inconsistent with this. One game they'll have it right, then the next they'll be wrong.

    When did they decide that a crooked lineout throw was a full arm penalty? Why don't I retain the ball when a ruck is held up? How come the other team gets the scrum when they collapse my maul?!

    And whatever happened to advantages?! I absolutely HATE the fact that I'm about to score a try but a penalty is pulled up 20m back because one of my players was hit high. It's absolutely stupid.

    Anyways, something no one has mentioned which I just thought about - surely they'll release a new game that will probably coincide with the Lions tour of South Africa. By that stage they can hopefully be up to date with Super 14 and HEC rosters.

    Oh, and they definately need to get all of the licenses for the teams. It really bugs me that half the players in the game are fictional.
  17. janco

    janco Guest

    I'm sure they will continue... Rugby is becoming a popular sport in many countries...
  18. 1on

    1on Guest

    I hope they will work on tournaments. In Rugby 2008 was possible to introduce much more competitions, like: Pacific 5 Nations (they introduced all 5 teams), Celtic League (a single team wasn't introduced), FIRA-AER European Nations Cup First Division (all teams except Czech Republic are in the game). It doesn't matter very mutch if these competitions are with lincence or not (preferabely yes). And I hope to introduce an online play mode and a Creation Center.
    But evidence shows that EA give a mutch more importance for Americans sports games (NBA Live, NHL, Madden NFL), rather for football or rugby.
  19. PointBlank

    PointBlank Guest

    I hope they make one, we are desperate lol. Nothing better out there, f*** playing Rugby Challenge.
  20. Sweet dream ...
  21. KillerMcOne

    KillerMcOne Guest

    i hope - when there will be a rugby 09 - you are able to creat your own tournaments with the teams you want. It becomes boring to play always 6 or 3 nations...
    you should also be able to buy the players you want in the career mode.
    I never have the chance to buy Rokocoko....there are always the same players on the market like Tuqiri, Montgomery and Caucaunibuca.
    They should make the game more like FIFA.
    now where Rugby is becoming bigger in all over the world, EA could sell more games than they ever did before.
    so why shouldn´t they make a rugby 09?
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