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  1. found a cool article on the nz herald,talks more of the match between broncos and warriors this coming weekend but the question i asked is asked to a man who has played in both codes at all top levels in their respective games


    League: Thorn relishes physical test


    By Peter Jessup

    There are two questions Brad Thorn gets asked all the time: Which is tougher, rugby or league, and which does he prefer?

    "I enjoy both, they're both good," Thorn said as he prepared for a trip "home" to face the Warriors on Sunday.

    He likes coming back to the country of his birth and enjoys the physical contest the Warriors always provide.

    Thorn was a raw recruit in his eighth game of professional league when he ran onto Mt Smart Stadium for the Warriors' entry into the Australian competition in March 1995. He admits he was quite over-awed.

    "I remember what seemed like a thousand-person haka and flames everywhere. It was pretty intense. I was proud to be a part of it."

    The only players from that game who are back on Sunday are Thorn and veteran lock Darren Smith, 36, the second-oldest man to play in the NRL behind Cliff Lyons for Manly.

    "I'm proud to be a part of it again."

    The opportunity to play for the Warriors was one that never arose, his contracts keeping him in Brisbane from debut in mid-1994 until the premiership-winning year in 2000.

    Having achieved that Thorn, 25, turned his head to rugby and the All Blacks, making the Canterbury NPC team and Crusaders from the Burnside club. He was selected for the tour to France, Italy and Argentina but quickly withdrew, believing he needed more experience.

    He played 12 games for the All Blacks under John Mitchell in 2003, including seven at the World Cup, but in 2004 didn't make Graham Henry's side and clearly feels he was on the outer.

    "I probably wouldn't have been picked," was his answer when asked if there were any pangs of regret about missing the Lions series.

    Since moving back to Brisbane on a three-year contract, Thorn has already impressed sufficiently to make the Queensland State of Origin team. He still harbours some ambition to add to his three tests for the Kangaroos in 1998, also under his Broncos coach Wayne Bennett.

    The association between the men is a big reason he returned to the Broncos, Thorn said.

    "Wayne is a friend and a good coach, I enjoy playing for him. I love playing for my club."

    Playing rugby or league at top level is intense, requiring pride and passion in the jersey, he said.

    "There's no weaknesses when you go out there, nowhere to hide, every yard you make is going to be a tough one. They're both unique in their own way yet I find them very similar."

    League probably carried more impact because of the collisions between big men running at each other from 10m apart but rugby's scrums and mauls were physically sapping.

    "League is a smaller man's game. In rugby, they're all massive."

    Thorn suffered a painful sternum injury in the second State of Origin game earlier this month and missed a couple of games for the Broncos but is now okay.

    He's still finding his way around the league field again, he said, expecting his game will include more off-loads as he regains confidence.

    The Broncos have re-signed Christchurch-born lock Tonie Carroll, 29, and prop Sam Thaiday, 20, for three more seasons. Second rower Neville Costigan, suspended out of Sunday's game, has re-signed for two seasons. Shaun Berrigan is the only player left on their major "to retain" list prior to the expiration of the anti-tampering deadline next week.

    Kiwis centre/wing Jamaal Lolesi is looking at a one-year deal with Hull and has the intention of signing with the new Gold Coast club for its entry into the competition in 2007. Penrith's Preston Campbell was wheeled out as first signing on Wednesday.
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  3. I don't think it would be fair to call either code tougher. There are always two sets of brave, tough men on the field, whether it be league or yawnion.
  4. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    hmmm... I'm gonna go out on a lim here and catagorically say League is physically tougher on the whole. If only because of the shortages in play stoppages and the 10 metre head starts defenses get to smash you.
  5. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    Yes but those stoppages are compensated with the interchange bench [​IMG]
  6. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Only in the forwards, and there are still plenty of 80 min players, Craig Fitzgibbon for one.
  7. ive played both...i wud say being a forward in rugby union is much more demanding physically,mentally then league however when i was rugby league forward the defenses hit much harder...

    in rugby league tho if u hav decent eyes u can see the coming defenders in union however,whenever i pick the ball up there always a guy in front of me...lor my team mates....

    i would say that rugby union forwards are much harder and tougher than league forwards mentally and physically...

    as for the backs..im scratchin my head...there are guys in rugby union who wud be a decent leageys..guys like maa nonu,luke mccalister,matt giteau,many of those solid south african midfielders and then u get guys like mehrtens who has admitted tackling opponents scares the **** outta em and ben atiga who cant tackle at all...union backs are much more skillful and athelitically better than leageys but i wud say that league backs are much more tougher than there rugby counterparts
  8. jah thats why the Union backs are considered the prima donnas on the field [​IMG]
  9. yeah theres heaps of pretty boy/macho men backs in rugby league too but they much tougher!!!

    jeff toovey???..i was watchin the footy show and they had this segment on the toughest footy players..and toovey got wasted in one game for manly..he made a tackle and got bumped off and was dazed....he stood up all groggle and started wobbling back to his d-line..the man was trying to make the next tackle!!!..he made a tackle later in the game and got rucked in the face with blood pouring out..went to the sideline got it stitched and continued playing [​IMG]

    this coming from a guy who is halfback/standoff???..who weighs prolly 75 to 80kgs and is like 5ft7..hes a midget and dudes got heart [​IMG]

    ..also the state of origin two or three years ago....
    "ive got blood pouring from my head mate"..

    "oh wait ill just tighten the skin around your head and staple it back into your skull" [​IMG] ...crazy mo fos...

    its 50/50 for me...in all terms rugby union forwards are much tougher/harder than league forwards but league backs are much harder and tougher than union backs
  10. sanzar

    sanzar Guest


    Good ole DeVere and that date of his scull and the carpenters staple gun! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] That was brutal! I loved it!
  11. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    And the inspiration for one of the greatest lines of commentary in rugby gaming.
  12. Wally

    Wally Guest

    I believe rugby to be the toughest. And no I don't care to be elaborate. Tell Steve Carfino to stick that one in his pipe and smoke it. I'm tired, good night y'all.
  13. jonwebb

    jonwebb Guest

    Its not only the interchanges.

    In league every attacking set of six tackles is a rest. Majority of the players are walking or standing watching the wingers/centres backing up for the forwards. Defence is the hardest in League as you have to work hard to defend.

    Where as in Rugby a forward has to be attacking the ball in attack or defence. But the hardest work for forwards is in attack. Maintaining possession in Rugby is the hardest thing to do. If Rugby got rid of Lineouts there would be no rest for the forwards. Mauling, Rucking and scrums eat up your energy as fast as if you were sprinting 40 metres.

    Its funny that in League its harder to defend and in Rugby its harder to attack and yet we all know that league players are better defenders physically and Rugby players are better attackers.
  14. hahaha craig fitzgibbon is eat arse....he goes touches an already tackled player on the ground and that adds to riduculous tackle count hahaha

    he wud prolly achieve half of his tackle count if he actually tackled

    hahaha craig fiztgibbon is eatarse..best pure rugby league tackler with best stats...is richard swain,best copy book tackler and best tackling stats for years!!! averages like 40-50 agame and almost cracked 2000 tackles in 2002???...and hes kiwi bro hahaha craig fiztgibbon?
    get da f***k outta here!!!
  15. jonwebb

    jonwebb Guest

    Just like Ricketson.
  16. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Sorry, I don't speak 'spastic' could you translate that into English Chiro? [​IMG]

    P.S Fitzy's a champ! Played on at full capacity with a dislocated forefinger in wednesday nights origin.
  17. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Who says rugby players are better attackers? The only reason it looks that way is because in league the defence almost always numbers up, whereas in union players can get bogged down in rucks and leave gaps in the defensive line which leads to alot of broken play... in that sense it's more fluid than league, but it doesn't mean that rugby players are better attackers. Just look at the Wallabies, 2 of our best attacking players, Lote Tuqiri and Mat Rogers are former league players!
  18. you dont speak spastic???

    oh sorry i thought you were australian..my bad [​IMG]

    fitzy..has a great attitude! indeed he is forever looking for work on the field..but i hate it when gouldy and those other channel 9 bums go haywire and say..oh he is so supreme he makes a 100tackles a game..bullshit and bollucks in the same sentence

    and the tackle count is bullshit,coz half of his tackles are ineffective and he is a great defender but most of the tackles he does are MOSTLY hangoffs of other peoples hard work...ofcourse the others get the stats too..but my point is: he is greedy for them stats!!!..and thats not bad but it is false statistics to the league fans and record books when half of his tackles arent..really..tackles

    a player with a true workrate to me would be someone like hindmarsh and danny nutley..champions!!!

    ha..dislocated finger..and buck shelford got his testicle rucked out of its sacs in a test match and he didnt complain one bit? [​IMG]
  19. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    All I can say to that is OWE!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  20. jonwebb

    jonwebb Guest

    Rugby Players are better attackers.

    In League you rely totally on Defensive mistakes and Kicks to score tries. You rarley score tries where a centre passes to a centre.

    When i was growing up you would watch backlines like the eels.

    Sterlo to kenny, kenny to ella, ella to cronin, cronin to grothe, grothe in the corner.

    You dont get that in league anymore. The blackline requires alot of skill to play that way. These days you rely on the skill of 2 players (Half back & five eight) to create space.

    In Rugby you rely on set plays, Rucks and mauls to create space to score tries.

    You use Ruck & Mauls to suck in the forwards on one side of the field so your backline has a one on one opportunity. In the old days it was easy to suck in your opposing forward pack but these days you only see 1 or 2 players being sucked into a Ruck, but your attacking team will have to send in around 3 or 4 players to clean out. This would mean your outnumbered majority of the time.
  21. what a racist [​IMG]
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