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Which view u using

Which view u using

  • Side view

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  • Classic

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  • Classic 2

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  • Classic 3 ( I think)

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  • Broadcast

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Interested to know if view has anything to do with enjoyment of this game.

Please add view if I left any out Admin. Sorry not sure of all the views that the new one has.
Sideview killig it big time. Are you guys would voted classic happy with it.
My favorite view is classic but it has a bug making it unplayable - can't believe that could get through the testing! Classic 2 is the next best.
Which ones the classic view where the camera spins around slo-mo whenever theres a turnover (the one Locksley was talking about in his review)? Games not out here yet, but I know I will be using that view... unless its the one with the passing bug.
Classic 2 (the one with the slo-mo spin round effect) is the best IMO.
Dam is neck and neck between Side and Classic 2 would not have guessed that. Keep the votes comiing lets see which one will come top.
I see Classic 2 winning. But I can't dcided between it and sideview. Had played most games on Classic 2 until I saw this thread and tried SV and really like it!
i would vote classic 2, i cannot play side view, this is based on last years game..
i havent played the game yet, but 05 i used sv. was easier to kick imo. 04 i used classic, but see what the developments are when i play the game.

it was because of the c*** that said kicks went further in sv lol <_<
hands down its classic 2 for me because as a serious rugby player i like 2 be able to see the gaps in front of me..you are unable to do this on side view..classic 2 for playing side for watching
Don`t agree bud I have have never had a problem spotting gaps on side view. Each to there own.
Originally posted by Jacko@Feb 12 2006, 10:40 AM
What are the three classic views??? Please outline each of them.
Well there is classic view were you play up the pitch first half and down the pitch the second, but thisa doesn't wok because there is a seriuos bug that makes it UNPLAYABLE!

Classic 2 the camera slowly swings behind the team with the ball

and classic 3 the camera is fixed behind your team.

The best view is classic but it doesn't work. Finding thes oversights e.g NO WEATHER really annoying.
Really not sure to be honest. I like Side View, but Classic 2 is good, although when you break through, the game seems to slow down to snail pace, and that spoils it.
thats the impression I got from watching the vids as I still think they struggle to get the player and field dimensions right on classic views
Originally posted by TheBokke@Feb 13 2006, 07:21 AM
thats the impression I got from watching the vids as I still think they struggle to get the player and field dimensions right on classic views
I'm with you on this one.. it seems too bunched up on classic mode.
Originally posted by TheBokke@Feb 12 2006, 10:02 AM
Dam can`t believe this have you hecked this out Ak47.
here i come bokke, here i am

i havent played it yet, but like RC2006, and EA2005, no other view will even get a look in.........SIDE VIEW ONLY for me

The only issue had was not being able to gauge where the FB was when u made a break

But on widescreen mode this is nullified

I will vote sideview coz that’s where I am going to play it

All these classic view bugs/issues/thingies will not effect my experience at all

I have heard a few people say sideview is offguts, and down right killer awesome

You have it don’t ya bokke?

Coz I think this week its out in Australia…if not already………

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