Who Do You Think Will Be in the Wallabies?

Discussion in 'International Test Matches' started by InsaneAsylum, May 14, 2008.

  1. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    yes i blatently copied the other thread :)

    who do you think robbie deans will pick for the wallabies? will it be the same old faces or will we see lots of new blood?

    personally, i think it might look like this:

    15. mark gerrard
    14. adam ashley-cooper
    13. sterling mortlock
    12. matt giteau
    11. lote tiquiri
    10. berrick barnes
    9. luke burgess
    8. stephen hoiles
    7. george smith
    6. rocky elsom
    5. nathan sharpe
    4. dan vickerman
    3. matt dunning
    2. stephen moore
    1. al baxter

    reserves from: phil waugh, drew mitchell, kurtley beale, julian huxley, wycliff palu, adam freier, james horwill, hugh mcmeniman, benn robinson, guy shepherdson, mark chisolm

    might even throw leroy houston into the mix, and i have no idea about scrum halves, possibly inc phibbs?. i don't rate turner at all... needs more experience at super level as he seems to attempt heroics all the time... kind of like our luke mcalister :D
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  3. BLR

    BLR Guest

    God that team sucks, here is the people I would throw out.

    Mark Gerrard: He has shown in the past he doesn't have what it takes to play Test level, old butterfingers Gerrard, Cam Shepherd has had a rubbish season but seems to finally be hitting form right at the right time. He is the obvious selection.

    Adam Ashley Cooper: Horribly over-rated player last year, did nothing last year at all besides that try against the All Blacks. He showed in the game against England why it was a mistake to play him instead of Mitchell, who is ideal for number 11, with Tuquiri (as much as I dislike him) probably needing to play 14.

    Stirling Mortlock: This selection shouldn't be automatic, we want to select players on merit not of the fact they are the incumbent or captain. He hasn't played enough this season to justify his position on form. Toss up between Mortlock and Cross, which hopefully would be sorted out in the training camp.

    Stephen Hoiles: I don't think he will be chosen, he just doesn't have the build to be a no. 8. It's a toss up between the Palu, Brown and Houston (although Houston should probably be given a shot at Australia A first)

    Matt Dunning and Al Baxter: No, we don't want the folding chairs to come back...just no...

    Besides that it seems fairly good...how many games has Elsom played this season though? Haven't heard anything about him.....but I suppose there isn't really anyone up to his level in his position...
  4. Maccaweeny

    Maccaweeny Guest

    Al Baxter does shine at certain times, and he usually keeps his head about him and doesn't do anything that stupid, it's just a pity he's such rubbish come scrum time.
  5. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    i think rocky has been injured, but who will play at 6... i know chisholm could be slotted in there.

    what about schifcofske? i like shepherd but, as you said, huxley has been out with the tumour and none of the other fullbacks have been stand outs.

    agreed, mitchell has played well

    mortlock always rises to the top for the tests, he's an inspirational captain, and can't omit him because he didn't have a great super 14 season. cross has played though. i didn't include him in my list but maybe i should have

    agreed we need new props... but who? we need another andrew blades and richard harry combo :)
  6. BLR

    BLR Guest

    I don't think Schif has sufficient dimension to his game, he can kick alright but besides that what does he really add? He doesn't have much of a running game...
    That's why I said both Cross and Mortlock should be given that chance in the training camp to assess thier value head to head....I dissagree Mortlock is an 'inspirational captain', he does the business for the Brumbies but the game against England should have been the time he showed his inspirational qualities instead of joining the rest of the team in crashing and burning. Unfortunately there isn't really much other possible captains...maybe George Smith? Knows the scrum, but at the same time not so much that he wouldn't understand the backs but it depends if he has the balls to yell at his players and tell them to stop playing like girls...
    To be honest there isn't anything hugely encouraging on the fringes but it's still plenty of time to the next World Cup, better to start experimenting with a good potential props then keep going with the same old tired combinations, that's why we did so bad in the World Cup, no view to the future...
  7. Maccaweeny

    Maccaweeny Guest

    Rodney Blake, Shep Shep and Tatafu Polota-Nau would be my front row, with Friar coming off the bench.

    I think Chisholm definitely deserves selection, he's been solid this season. Personally i'd rather him over Vickerman, but when it comes to lineout time Vickerman is far superior.

    Not sure about #8 Palu, Hoiles, Salvi and definitely Houston have all put their hands up
  8. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    Gerrard has been the best fullback all year. I don't know where you get butterfingers from? He knocked on the ball once against SA in 2006 over the line and somehow he developed a reputation? Otherwise he was the Wallabies top try scorer that year.

    He's got the best kicking game out of any Australian player, great positional play, solid runner and calm under pressure.

    Adam Ashley-Cooper had a blinder last year. He was the best outside centre in the Super 14 and was solid for the Wallabies when he got an opportunity. I agree he didn't have a good game against England in the QF. However, he's an incredible line breaker. He's got an excellent ability to shrug off multiple defenders and create metres. His best position is outside centre but he still makes a great winger.

    As for Mortlock - I think you're being harsh on him. He was one of the few Australian players doing anything against England in the QF. He was making some great line breaks and unfortunately there was no one around to support him to finish off with tries (ala Staniforth in the Bledisloe). Mortlock probably hasn't had the best Super 14 since coming back from injury, but it was the same last year. Yet, he was Australia's best player in the tests. I still believe he's the best outside centre in the world, and is really the only candidate to lead the side.

    As for Hoiles - I have a feeling he won't get picked because of his size. Which is a shame. I don't want to see a Tahs dominated backrow because quite frankly they don't cut it at test level. The Brumbies definately have the best looseforward play but it's hard to find room for them in the team due to their general unconventional makeup. Richard Brown has also gone quiet in the last half of the Super 14, otherwise I'd have him automatically selected at no. 8.

    I would preferably like to see Deans do something unconventional in the backrow because I find that Elsom and Palu don't really stand up when it counts in the big tests and it leaves George Smith to try and do everything. Maybe Hoiles could play blindside flanker with Palu at no. 8? Maybe Deans will try to bring Brown's early season form out of him? Maybe Deans might've noticed Salvi's great work in recent works?

    I don't know, but there needs to be some kind of change there.....

    Anyways, here's my team, for now -

    1. Holmes
    2. Moore
    3. Shepherdson
    4. Chisholm
    5. Vickerman
    6. Elsom
    7. Smith
    8. ?

    9. Burgess
    10. Giteau
    11. Mitchell
    12. Barnes
    13. Mortlock
    14. Ashley-cooper
    15. Gerrard

    16. Polata-Nau
    17. Robinson/Blake
    18. Sharpe
    19. Hoiles
    20. Phibbs
    21. Cross
    22. Staniforth/Tuqiri

    I think a team similar to this could work. It relies on the best of the older players with a few fresh faces. I haven't chosen Waugh because Hoiles can cover all 3 backrow positions, and most of the time acts like another openside flanker. Chisholm has been in top form again and just edges out Sharpe. Outside of Burgess I'm not too impressed with many of the halfbacks, and with Cordingley leaving I've gone for Phibbs because he's tough and a bit more consistent to the others.

    With Giteau controlling the backline, and players like Mortlock, Mitchell and Ashley-Cooper outside of him, there's plenty of room for good attacking rugby.

    And yes, Tuqiri is lucky to be bracketed there on the bench. I'd rather have Mitchell and Ashley-Cooper in my team anyday.
  9. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    I'd actually really like to know what the New Zealand and South African fans think.

    Without having the bias towards their favourite teams like us Australians have, I'd really like to know who they'd pick for a Wallaby XV?

    And just to broaden things up a bit, here's a pool of 45 players I believe Robbie Deans has the option of picking from -

    Props: Holmes, Robinson, Shepherdson, Blake, Kepo, Dunning (why not?)
    Hookers: Moore, Polata-Nau, Freier, Faingaa
    Locks: Vickerman, Chisholm, Sharpe, Horwill, Chapman
    Backrowers: Smith, Elsom, Hoiles, Waugh, Palu, Brown, Salvi, Pocock

    Halfbacks: Burgess, Phibbs, Holmes, Lucas
    Flyhalves: Giteau, Barnes, Cooper, Beale
    Centres: Mortlock, Ashley-Cooper, Cross, Staniforth, T Smith
    Wings: Mitchell, Tuqiri, Turner, Ioane, Hynes, Fainifo
    Fullbacks: Gerrard, Shepherd, Schifcofske

    Wow... I really struggled to pull out some names for the backs... there's quite a few guys I just threw in to make up numbers...
  10. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    is quade cooper classified as an aussie or a kiwi?

    i know he group up in the waikato and he's as kiwi as marmite and jandals.
  11. Haj

    Haj Guest


    2. Polota nau


    4. Vickerman

    5. Horwill

    6. Elsom

    7. Smith

    8. Brown

    9. Burgess

    10. Giteau

    11. Tuquiri

    12. Barnes

    13. Mortlock

    14. Mitchell

    15. Gerrard

    16. Moore


    18. Sharpe

    19. Hoilles

    20. Phibbs

    21. Shepherd

    22. Ryan Cross

    I deliberately left the props blank as it would all depend on which country the wallabies play. Same could probably be said about the loose forwards.

    i hate tuquiri just as much as most people outside of NSW but i think he's starting to find the form we've been waiting for the last couple years.

    I tend to rate ashley cooper in the same pedigree as lachy turner on the wing and fullback ie overated tho i think this will change once ash cooper plays 13 fulltime. He will be a brilliant centre given the oppurtunity.
  12. BLR

    BLR Guest

    Gerrard reminds me of Rathbone, had one good year for the Wallabies but since then has been solid enough but wouldn't even get a look in if he was a Kiwi for example, the problem with Australia is that we no longer have the spark that we used to have, and both AAC and Gerrard don't add that too me, solid players but a long way away from being game-winners like our opposition have.
    To be fair the whole Force team have lost something after thier early season tour...I can't put my finger on it but I don't think it's Browns fault as much as it is just our rubbish play, Brown should at least get a bench spot. Deans will surely bring a bit more form out of Brown.
    That's a pretty decent idea about Hoiles, it would realistically be his only chance to get a run on.
    I don't think Giteau should be flyhalf, have you noticed the last few weeks he has been 'crabbing' and has lost alot of his attacking spark he had at inside centre. Barnes 10 and Gits 12 is realistically the only option I'd think.
    Tuqiri will get a run on, he has been impressive all Super 14, he's really answered his critics. AAC should be kept on the bench as a utility and when Mortlock eventually leaves AAC should take his place. Also Tuqiri's newfound leadership will do very nicely for the Wallabies.

    I think in the first few tests Deans should experiment with the more fragile players like Quade Cooper. He may have a high error rate but damn does he have a spark in him, a spark which alot of the squad at the World Cup simply didn't show...

    PS. Fushi, I am glad you have finally seen the light about Mitchell. :p
  13. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    I still have issues with Mitchell but I think he really matured over the World Cup.

    As for Gerrard, I do think he's been a bit out of form on the wing in recent years but he's been outstanding at fullback this year and the battle between him and Shepherd this Friday should be interesting.

    Personally I'm not a big fan of Palu so I'd like to see someone like Brown given a shot. But as I've said before, I think the formula for a sucessful Wallabies pack involves the Reds scrum, the Tahs lineout, and the Brumbies loose play. I'd really love to find room in the side for Hoiles but sadly I think he'll be utilised on the bench as a utility.

    As for Barnes/Giteau. I figure they could interchange in their roles depending on the situation. They could definately compliment each other. So I wouldn't mind who played what position.

    BLR, you and I should lock ourselves into a room and I'm sure we could brainstorm an excellent Wallaby side. :D
  14. BLR

    BLR Guest

    We'd either make a great Wallaby side or not come out alive from arguing the points of our favoured players. :p

    I just had a bit of an idea. Cam Shepherd at 14 (he played wing last season when he was on fire) and Gerrard at full back. They are both around 24 aren't they so it could be a viable back three of Mitchell, Shepherd and Gerrard that could take us to eh 2011 cup. Unless Lachie Turner or any unforeseen candidates come through in that time that is....
  15. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    We'd either make a great Wallaby side or not come out alive from arguing the points of our favoured players. :p

    I just had a bit of an idea. Cam Shepherd at 14 (he played wing last season when he was on fire) and Gerrard at full back. They are both around 24 aren't they so it could be a viable back three of Mitchell, Shepherd and Gerrard that could take us to eh 2011 cup. Unless Lachie Turner or any unforeseen candidates come through in that time that is....

    It wouldn't be a bad back 3... but I'd still rather see AAC on the wing... :p

    However, if Deans were to pick something like that... I wouldn't protest, and I'd be interested to see what results came out...

    Lachie Turner has dissapointed me this year... so good last year for the Tahs, but he seems to have put on weight and lost the speed that he had...

    Last year I would've said that he'd be a definite starter for the Wallabies this year, now he's going to go back to Australia A....

    I really hope that Clyde Rathbone can have an injury free year next year, and not have lost his athleticism... he's such a great finisher on the wing... I feel that both the Brumbies and Wallabies have missed a good strong speedster on the wing... there have definately been opportunities for the Brumbies this season that if he had've been in that position he would've scored a try... unfortunately Playford and Fainifo don't seem to possess that speed...

    Rathbone had a mixed 2006, and a nothing 2007 (due to injuries), but he's definately a player who could really benefit Australia if he got back into form... he's just able to blast past defenders on the outside or go through them with his strength...

    The Wallabies seem to now be short of really exciting wingers... a couple of years ago we apparently didn't have enough centres, now we've tonnes, but no really great wingers...
  16. mackka

    mackka Guest

    1. Robinson
    2. Moore
    3. Edwards
    4. Vickerman
    5. Howrill
    6. Brown
    7. Smith
    8. Palu
    9. Burgess
    10. Barnes
    11. Mitchell
    12. Giteau
    13. Mortlock
    14. Tuqiri
    15. Gerrard/Shepherd

    16. Polota-Nau
    17. Dunning
    18. McMeniman (if fit. he can play lock can't he?) otherwise Sharpe
    19. Hoiles
    20. Waugh
    21. Lucas
    22. Ashley-Cooper

    Don't know why nobody's mentioned Edwards for the front row. He's been great for the Reds. Elsom hasn't really shown much this season but if he pulls out a big one against the Reds he could take Brown's spot, forcing him out of the 22. I like the idea of Hoiles on the bench to cover both 8 and 6. A back row of Smith, Brown and Palu is, at the moment, the best formula I think. Brown's quick and strong in contact and he makes plenty of metres. Palu's been one of the most damaging runners in the S14 and should definitely be starting. Fushi, have you seen what the Tahs scrum has been doing this season? I think the people claiming that the Reds have the best scrum in Australia are going to get a real shock on Saturday night. Robinson's not the biggest guy, but he's so solid and stocky he's like a boulder. Plus, he's great around the field and regularly fills in at scrum half with a surprisingly good pass. I still think Giteau does his best work at 12 and would prefer to see him outside Barnes rather than inside him, regardless of where they've been playing this season. With those two plus Lucas and AAC on the bench we can go for a 5-2 split all season
  17. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    I have actually been out of the country for 6 weeks and have come back and was a little confused with the Brumbies side. Where is Playford? He was clearly a better wing option than Fainifo and was looking like a certainty for the Wallabies early on. At least that's what I thought.
  18. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    peter playford played "ok i guess" however he'd be more at home in the melbourne rebels side than the wallabies if you ask me..

    i miss the rebels :ranting:
  19. Hamster

    Hamster Guest

    No offence InsaneAsylum but that team u mentioned in your first post was a shocker. Why do u support the Cheifs if ur from Melborune btw?

    imo something like this wud be good..

    1. Holmes
    2. Polota-Nau / Freier (plz not Moore)
    3. WOuldnt have a clue, just not Sherperdson or Baxter and I will be happy)
    4. Horwill (must go for the future)
    5. Vickerman. just ahead of Sharpe.
    6. Rocky/Pocock
    7. Smith
    8. Houston/Hoiles/Palu (toughy, but all good players)
    9. Lucas/Burgess
    10. Giteua. no doubt bout it
    11. Tiqiri (hate to say it but hes playing well)
    12. Barnes. Must have him there. Played his f***ing arse off this year.
    13. Mortlock/Cross
    14. Hynes. Pick him FFS hes been on fire for the Reds. He wont be a starter in bledsisloe etc but shud definetly be picked for the Ireland game.
    15. Gerrard/Shepherd. both good players, not sure whos better.

    Players ive mentioned above.

    Or we could pick for the future straight away, dump gits and have Beale at 10, Turner 11, O'Connor at 12, Horne at 13 lol.
  20. BLR

    BLR Guest

    Hamster, not picking Mitchell despite the fact he has been a performer all season in a rubbish Force backline? Look at his metres gained and line break stats and tell me Hynes has played better...
  21. The Reds and especially Waratahs scrums have been very strong this season, they might as well just use as much of the Tahs pack as possible. Maybe put in Rodzilla instead of fat Dunning?
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