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Who has the best basics?



... in the Times today:


When he was recording his second podcast on management, Sir Clive Woodward asked the people in the room to identify the basics in rugby. There was an awkward silence. After a pause, one person ventured to tell the former England coach the ABC of the RFU: "Possession," he said. Sir Clive said nothing. Another person suggested "Territory". Also wrong. It took the England team two years to identify the basics of the game: lineouts, scrums and restarts.

People working in companies should try to identify the basics of what they do. It seems like a simple exercise, but don't be surprised if it takes years.


England 03 were the best I ever saw at restarts - catching kick-offs and stealing their own kicks. Their lineout was almost perfect, and their scrum was good.

So, who is the best at the RWC in all three departments?

The ABs have weakness in the lineout, and Italy got a shunt on at the scrum. Aus have well known scrum problems. It looks like SA, at the moment. But it's early days ...
That's what it comes down to...the aussie media loved calling Woodward a control freak but his team just did the business. They were so well-drilled the rest was simplicity itself.

Look at how they set about that last drop goal in the 2003 final it was just like A, B, C

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