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Who`s going to win Super League?

Name the winner

  • St Helens

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  • Leeds

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  • Warrington

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  • Bradford

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  • Salford

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  • Hull

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OK, you ladies and gents`, this is me, Rassie, speaking!

Ive been watching your girlie game and now it`s time to vote! Come on , don`t be afraid, let`s rock!
New to the exposure of RL, but what's the difference between the Super League and the Challenge Cup? I saw the Challenge Cup final match a few weeks ago...quite good.
I will have to say, it's hard to keep up with both union and league.
The Challenge Cup is basically a knock out competition. Like the FA Cup I suppose. Or the Powergen Cup for Union I guess.

As for Super League, it's just the regular league with end of season playoffs involving the top 6 teams.

With regards to your question Rassie, I don't see how anyone can say we won't win it. We missed out last season through one reason and one reason alone. Injuries to key players at key times. If we play to the best of our ability every game, then we are the best team and it will take a massive effort from someone to stop us.

We deserve to win it, that much is for sure.
Hopefully !

Yeah, St Helens are favorites! Who can stop them? Previous season was Bradford and Leeds if i`m not mistaken!
i have no idea, how close to the final is it?

i want leeds to win, but havnt seen any super league this year
I've only watched a few matches this year, but I'm pulling for Hull...don't know why really.
Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllddddd Faithful........
Big day tommorow! Super League Final and the start of the RL Tri-Nations! I'm excited!


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