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Who will win the heineken cup?

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Who will win the heineken cup?

  • Perpignan

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  • Toulouse

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  • Biarritz

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  • Bath

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  • Sale

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  • Leicster

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  • Munster

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  • Leinster

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I think Leicester and Toulouse are going to meet in the final and that it's going to be a very tough match. Toulouse are probably the better side, but Leicester have a nack of raising their game when most at need ala Stade Francais pool match.

Leinster 20/1 are a good bet. They won't fear playing Toulouse. I think Biarritz will win it though, they have the hunger.
Toulouse. Because they can play **** and still screw you.

And they have Yannick Jauzion.
Yeah Toulouse have all the ammunition to retain their ***le but Leinster will be going there with no pressure and that's going to be quite dangerous for Toulouse, as they've proved this season they can cut any defence apart at will and being honest defence is not Toulouse's strongpoint. Still too close to call imo, going to be a humdinger but I'd fancy the winner of this match to take the tournament outright.
i reckon the leinster-tolouse quater final will be the most exciting match, providing leinster play as well as they did versus bath. I hope the final wont be like last years!!!! WORST FINAL EVER!!!
The other 3 quarters should be straightforward affairs with 3 home wins, Sale would be the only team in with a chance of causing an upset imo but after the hammering they took in Thomond Park that may well have damaged them psychologically when they get to the Anoeta.
i dont think theyve got bounce backabilty either espcially as theyve got liecster this weekend!!! which is good news for wasps!!!
Once Wasps get the top3 you'll win the playoffs anyway so it doesn't really matter what Sale or Leicester do at the top.

You'd probably be right about Sale bouncing back, just seeing them as the most likely of themselves, Bath and Perpignan to come away with a victory.
well it would be nice to finish top beacuse people always say we're not the real champions beacuse we dont finish top, just win the finals!
While I don't personally agree with the playoff system you cannot take it away from Wasps, they've won the games that have counted.
im abit ticked off about scrapping the wildcard system, i liked see two matches instead of one at twickenham, its expensive enough already. I dont agree with the play off system but it does ad excitment and means that no1 gives up at the end of the season. it alsos gives a sense of closure and final matches are always exciting, bar heineken cup 2004/05
i think it'll be tolouse, leicster, leinster or munster. id like to see leinster do it, there a really exciting team to watch
If Biarritz manage to reproduce the level of form they're showing in the T14 they may be the unexpected winner. We'll see next week-end when the Stade Français host them in the Stade de France for the T14.

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