Who'll win the magners league?

Discussion in 'Guinness Pro14' started by Rugby_Cymru, Apr 27, 2007.


Magner's League Champions...

  1. Cardiff Blues

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  2. Leinster

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  3. Ospreys

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  4. Ulster

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  1. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    So here it is.
    3 games left for some, 2 games left for others and if you're unlucky like Ulster then you've only got one game left.
    Vote on the poll. Who'll be league champions this year.

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  3. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    its our year!!

    come on boys!!
  4. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    It's looking good for the Ospreys right now, isn't it.
    I mean a game in hand over Leinster and even tho they are 3 away games, the teams to be played are Glasgow, Dragons and Borders.
    It's a strong possbility.
  5. :lol:

    seriously though, i cant see past leinster now - and the Ospreys may find the trip to the borders tougher than expected - most of the scottish rugby comunity will be supporting the borders in their last ever game. sorry ospery, but i'll be supporting borders in this one.
  6. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    Yeah, the tables have certainly turned in this one haven't they?
    Ospreys, Cardiff and Leinster had all let themselves down with recent losses, but Leinster are the ones with bonus points backing them up, and that's giving them the edge right now.
    I have faith in the Ospreys, but it's gonna be tough to overtake Leinster...i guess we're going to have to rely upon the bloody Blues.
  7. danit

    danit Guest

    I don't see Leinster getting a bonus point vs. Cardiff friday night, so Ospreys
  8. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    Yeah, but if Leinster beat Cardiff without a binus point then Ospreys will still need 2 bonus point wins. And they'll have to beat both those teams by a quite a score line because Leinster already have a 50+ point advantage in points difference.

    Bottom line: Leinster beat Cardiff...they'll more than likely take the title.
    We'd need a miracle to take it from them.
  9. danit

    danit Guest

    that'll be enough, I guess... if Ospreys get the 2 bonus points win (more than likely... :rolleyes: ) and Leinster doesn't get his bp vs. Cardiff, the welsh side will be champion, no use for scoring difference

    3.4 If two or more Teams finish with the same number of League points their placings will be determined by the following criteria in descending order:
    · number of matches won
    · the difference between points for and points against

    so the standing would be
    1. Ospreys pts 65 w 14
    2. Leinster pts 65 w 13
  10. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    I stand corrected...and a little bit happier.
    Cheers for that revelation, Danit.
  11. I got a feeling the dragons scrape a win tonight. But I have an even stronger feeling that Leinster will beat the Blues this week. So my money would be on Leinster.
  12. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Does anyone even care? Nobody wins anyway. *edit* I AM VERY DRUNK */edit*
  13. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest


    I'll let that one go.
  14. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    LIKE REallkf ty drun!

    eDIT: woo THE mouth mOVVes!
  15. Melhor Time

    Melhor Time Guest

    Leinster to win.


    Because they have the best backline in the world, inc better than the Crusaders, Sharks, etc.

    Contepomi, DÃrcy, O´Driscoll, Horgan, Demspey, Hickie and Whitaker. If the Irish players are picked that is :wacko:

    Not a bad forward pack either...
  16. I agree your backs are EXTREMELY impressive. However you will need god on your side hoping Borders will beat the Ospreys this week. Or if your side can manage a shock bonus point victory over Cardiff then there's no need to worry, because Ospreys WILL get the bonus point against the borders, it's inevitable.
  17. SmokeyMonkey

    SmokeyMonkey Guest

    Blues haven't lost at home since January last year, Leinster have only (luckily) won once in Wales this season, by 1 measly point vs a pretty weak Dragons team. And they have no O'Driscoll. If the Blues play their first team they won't even win let alone get the needed bonus point, Ospreys for the title!
  19. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    I still have faith in the Ospreys.
    It's gonna be a hell of a challenge.
    Cardiff can win, but it looks like Leinster could sneak the points...as long as 4 tries don't happen in the process, then O's have a cracker of a task (possible, but O's aren't a bonus points team).
  20. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Come on the Osprey's!!!
  21. Melhor Time

    Melhor Time Guest

    I was wrong. Leinster lost to the Blues as they deserved to on the day. I ifnd it quite sickening that the Irish teams complain about the Heineken Cup boycott and relate it to the revenue they will lsoe when they never play there best XV for Magners League matches.

    Like I said, its the worlds best XV outside of test rugby if they pick their best lineup. They didn´t and lost.

    Credit to the Osprey´s btw. James Hook is my pick for something big in the World Cup. I was saying this after seeing him debut in Argentina in June 2006. Few agreed. Now seems to be a tad different. Great player. Hopefully Wales play him at 12 ouside Stephen Jones and inside Gareth Thomas.
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