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Who's FIRST!? and Last?



Alright mate, where I live is GMT +4... which means I am not going to be in the first bunch of people who counted down this year...
now Obviously the Pacifics will have theirs first.. I just wanna know who is in this forum? and When will you be in 2007?
monday morning at 00:00 i will be in the new year. we are in +12 here so will be some of the first to count it down. i think there is one other place 1/2 an hour ahead of us or something but i dont take any notice.

there's some places 14 hours ahead of us but I don't think we have any members here.
I will be but minutes away from the regulation, official place where the New Year begins, Grenwich Meridian in London! :D
I was in Gizzy for New Years so I got to see the first sun rise of 07. It was a major let down, cloudy and raining lol.
Win = Going to The Feelers at Waihi Beach and emptying your stomach all over yourself and crashing before 10:30PM.
nah..i win again..i stayed with them the following day at a waihi lodge they frequent before jetting off to taranga...nice blokes..too bad their music sucks
Winner = 29th Concord Dawn, 30th P-Money, 31st Kora, Shapeshifter, Katchafire, Crazy P, Electric Confectionairs, Rhombus, etc...
i slept with jessica alba at 6pm...and on the second it struck midnight and the welcoming of a new year..she had the climax of climaxes...it was such a thing of beauty..she refuses to have sex with anyone else and will mark every new years eve as "the greatest climax of this year" anniversary between me and her

i win
Funny. She's laying fast asleep in my bed.

I just gave her a marathon 18 hour session.
i didnt know she likes to sleep with toddlers...ohwell..did she fed you???...koochie koohie koo???...awwww???...wat a pretty little termite

oh yeh..your from england HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!...
Something I need to tell you Chiro... I am your father.

Now get a haircut. Biatch.
cliche and lame...what i expect from the average english woman...^^^ hahaha

"This morning I walked outside, there was poo on a brick.
I poked at it with a stick. "

and it said..

"my names andy robinson and im a horrible prick"
its even funnier that he coaches england successfully...and hes english hahahhaa

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