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Why call it a World XV?



I am still confused why the team that played today was called the World XV.. I am taking nothing away from the players that played today, but perhaps only Justin Marshell would be in my World XV..
Maybe if it is called a World XV every position would be occupied by a different nationality.. 15 players, 15 nationalities.. Maybe even 22 nationalities which would include the subs..

Any thoughts?
Because no one wanted to risk playing and teams and clubs are reluctant to let their decent players go and play...
I know that most teams would not let their top players out, but don't call it a World XV.. More like Select XV..
Also how about 15 - 22 different nationalities playing?
It wasn't THE World XV, it was A World XV.

You really think they are ever going to get together a proper World XV, especially in the NH's mid-season.
Well, they couldn`t call it a Barbarians XV, or else the promoters might have gotten a bit of a lawyer`s summons. No seriously, I reckon it`s a bit of an injustice to call them a World XV, would also have preferred a name like Invitational XV.
I believe its known as a "World XV" because it is made up of players not from one country, but from countries around the world, it would make it a tad hard if it were to be a World XV in the sense that every country has 1 representative as their are 100+ IRB sanctioned unions..
yes... i would like to be in that "real world xv" lol :p... and the fact that i am a double international is quite cool... just like Martin Johnson... (u-19 Arabian Gulf, Indonesian senior)

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