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Why does everyone hate Rob Andrew?

rob andrew was the english flyhalf circa 1995

no idea why poms hate him, aussies hate him because of his drop goal in the world cup
We hate him because he took up this new 'Director of Rugby' post.

He has subsequently done f*** all to get us out of the mire, basically being paid having changed next to nothing since Andy Robinson was in charge.

And he talks out of his backside much of the time.
Because he is indeed the embodiment of Satan and the only way to clense the world of such Evil would be for him to recieve a right royal Chabaling!

Seriously however, Andrew has been a thorn in the side of the English domestic game, thus the development of the game, ever since he took the role of Newcastle boss in the mid 90's. When the professional era came about, most clubs realised that if they don't make profits they won't survive so objected to losing their top stars for pointless international friendlies at key points of the season to the England setup (not to mention fortnightly training sessions as once suggested by SCW), which would have seen a drop in attendence figures at games because there were no stars.

Andrew on the other hand, fully supported the RFU helping themselves to as many players as they wanted whenever they wanted, at the same time banging the back of his head on the underside of Francis Barons desk at HQ. He came to understand that Newcastle would never win the ***le again once professionalism came in so instead set about worming is wat into the England job in order to improve his pay cheque (where in reality with the quality of players available to them, in their squad the Falcons for many years should have walked the league had a decent coach been in charge).

For the next decade Andrew kept playing the same boring 10-man **** at Kingston park, periodically claiming to be the Jedi Master to Wilkinsons brilliance (again, a lie; Paul Grayson created Jonny Wilkinson) and sucking off anyone he could in the Twickenham old boys network until he came across one thing that stood in his way of becoing head coach; SCW wanted to become England rugbys DOR or he's out the door.

<strike>Andrew</strike> Francis Baron regected the proposed position, so Sir Clive walked out and left England rugby to it's own devices, thus leaving AR in charge and putting the final pieces for his worm job in place.

Don't forget while all of this is going on, the Clubs are losing more and more rights to the players they pay the wages of all the time, then get lambasted by the RFU for bringing in SH ex-pats to counter the problem.

We all know Robinson failed, so when SA got their win last year and he got the chop, low-and-behold if the same DOR job Woodwood suggested was made open. Andrew came up for breath from Barons crotch breifly and said "can I have that job, sir?" with big puppy dog eyes... The rest is history.

Ashton was brought in as the "face" of English rugby coaching, being a highly respected coach who's seen it all, but Andrew makes all the decisions - Ashton likes expansive rugby, in 2007 <strike>Newcastle</strike> England play boring 10-man rugby. And features Andrews real protoge, not Wilkinson, but Olly Barkley.

Go figure.