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why is Wales reduced to a feeder nation in cricket?



i don't really follow cricket that much, but when i saw a recent conferenece after the world cup disaster - i noticed that the cricket excec -referred to the cricket board as " the England and wales cricket board"

If that is the case - how come the team name is only england?

the insignia - is only ECB?

This is either just plain confuseing or this needs changeing to bring it into the the year 2007!! :wacko:
Wales don't seem to really do cricket. To my knowledge they only have one professional side, and don't currently contribute many players to the team.

Were they to play independantly then I imagine they would go backwards very rapidly.
It shouldn't be a feeder nation because it was originally formed as "England & Wales." At one point even Scottish players were allowed to play. For example, everyone thinks it was a sneaky, mustachioed English swine with a monocle and a penchant for tying virgins to railway tracks who decided on the "bodyline" tactic against Australia when they visited in 1933. Actually, it was a Scottish captain of the team (one Douglas Jardine) who wished to override his wimpy English masters and go directly for the jugular. So thanks to Scottish meddling, England & Wales have lost lots of Ashes contests since!

Still though, it is sad that the team is just called "England" now, especially as the ruling body is still the England & Wales Cricket Board. Not right I tells ye, not right at all...
My point was one more of a principle

after all whatever the team name england have been largely poor at cricket since botham.

still - i am surprised there are so many welshmen that seem to be confused about who they are!!

how many english players would play for a country called Wales? probably none.
No, I think you've still missed the point.

Wales is not feeding into the English team, Wales are participating as part of the England & Wales Cricket Board, however recently the team has been called England for a few reasons.

The England of the 2000s has actually been one of the most consistently successful. We have one of the most successful team Captain ever (Micheal Vaughn), one of the most potent batting line ups in the world and (if it can ever get around to appearing in the same match together) a very potent bowling attack (i.e. Jones, Flintoff, Panesar, Sidebottom and Hoggard).

It isn't a concept of Welshmen being "confused" about their identity, it is a more a matter of how the system works. If Wales start to contribute more players other than one or two then I think there would be much more pressure to change the name back to "England & Wales".
There are a lot of Welsh cricketers and the good ones go over to play country cricket to get money.

Simon Jones England Bowler is Welsh.

There might be a few county teams in Wales not sure though?

haha cricket in Ireland is getting bigger!