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Why The allblacks lost?

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you may not agree with this article - but its a great read! (not posting it to start arguments - just thought a few non-kiwis would agree with it. i certainly do)


NZ - the world cup is not your God given birth right! its great to see you going home! Even if the boks dont win this world cup i will be a happy man, knowing that nz did not B)
theres no point in even arguing about this because its already been said 100000 times. Who cares now, what done is done. Its like saying a joke twice, the second time its never funny.
you agree that with less arrogance the allblacks would be more successful?
Do we have to constantly open new topics about this?

Giving crap to Aussie and Kiwis about whinging and telling them to get over it yet there is constant jabs at them...you can't have your cake and eat it too...
sorry was not meant to have a crack at kiwis - just the way nz rugby has been running its system since the beginning...
Not open for further replies.

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