Wigglesworth to Saracens

Discussion in 'Aviva Premiership / LV Cup' started by Olyy, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Olyy

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  3. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Well, they're buying a lot of players in, aren't they!

    2 Pints of note:
    1. With so many high profile signings, how the hell are they staying below the wage-cap threshold... Or are the South African franchises still paying the majority of their wages?
    2. Tonga'huia aside, when are they going to sign anyone better then their current squad?
  4. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Damn Saffacens and all those South Africans they're buying at the moment diluting the standard of English rugby.

    I can hear the sound of Prince Obilensky spinning in his grave at the thought of that well known and notorious South African Wigglesworth coming to that part of Watford now known as Little Pretoria to join his countrymen.

    We're signing good players at the moment, to be honest, the likes of Brits and Joubert were bought at knock down prices and I believe that a few of the 11 players who re-signed took a bit of a paycut to stay at Sarries.
  5. david0404

    david0404 Guest

    at least peel will get valuable playing time in the meantime, so he can try and regain number one scrum half in wales off mike phillips, which at the moment doesn't look like happening.
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