Wilkinson and Ofisa sign new contracts

Discussion in 'Guinness Pro14' started by snoopy snoopy dog dog, Feb 18, 2009.

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    In itself, it's not big news - who really cares if the Magners League's worst team keep a couple of their players? However when you factor in that these re-signings come on the back of John Muldoon, Gavin Duffy and Johnny O'Connor also commiting their futures to Connacht, it's a sign that they may no longer be viewed as a feeder team to the other Irish provinces. Hopefully Connacht can add a bit of depth to their squad now that they've tied down the nucleus of their lineup for another couple of years.
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    Good stuff. So how soon will Wilkinson be capped? I wonder how long they will be able to hold onto Keatley, Carr and Cronin for?
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    That's Wilkinson training with the Ireland squad a couple of weeks ago. I'd say he'll be capped, or at least tour with the A's to the Churchill Cup during the summer. I was half expecting Wilkinson would sign with Munster during the summer to provide stern competition for Marcus Horan while also replacing Freddie Pucciariello.

    If Connacht weed out the "rubbish" (Bibo, Nathan, Donnelly, Lyne, Deane for example), hold onto the likes of Keatley, Carr and Cronin for another year at least and can add talent like Shane Monahan, Fergus McFadden and more fringe players from other provinces along with one or two bargains like Niva Ta'ausa, Connacht will be very competitive. At the moment their complete lack of squad depth lets them down.
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