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Will Greenwood to retire



Greenwood calls it quits

It's a shame the last season of his career has seen him fizzle out in Division 1 rather than play at the highest level. I was surprised that no Premiership club came in for him when Quins went down. Who knows, if he was still playing in the top flight, he would probably be another option for Robinson.

By the way, Greenwood's autobiography is a cracking read. You can't help but like the guy what with the amount of crap he's gone through.
It's a damn shame some players have to get old. Especially as he'd make a hell of an improvement on the current centre partnership.
He was a great player in his time, and I hate to see him retire. But best of luck in life :)
I regrettably have never seen much of greenwood, what was his style of play over the 'superior' crash and bash of Noon and Tindall.

I still don't understand retiring in the division 1.

Originally posted by Black-Monday@Mar 4 2006, 12:23 PM
I regrettably have never seen much of greenwood, what was his style of play over the 'superior' crash and bash of Noon and Tindall.
He was the first choice behind BOD for the Lions tour because he played a similar game. Unfortunately he hasn't been effective there for a while because he's slowing down.
The most creative centre England has produced for some time. It's a shame he couldn't go out on the high he deserved, but at his prime he was incredible to watch.
Yeah definitely the best centre England have produced in the professional era, awesome player, was one of the key players in getting the ball rolling for the world cup charge in the grand slam game in Dublin in 2003, was able to overcome personal problems to put in a great game in the pool match against the Springboks as well. Class act.
Definitely a loss - but to be honest, he's been in decline since the world cup, and has lost a few yards of pace.
He is a great defensive co-ordinator, and has an amazing ability to offload and set players through gaps he's caused by sucking in defenders ... but he's not really shone this season in ND1, so I think he would prefer to bow out now, rather than struggle through a (probably) tough season in (hopefully) the premiership with Quins next year.

At least he gets a day out at Twickenham in April with Quins as a swansong, where a few fans might get to acknowledge his contribution ... although I doubt the Welsh fans will be too sad to see him go!
Originally posted by MightyQuin@Mar 6 2006, 10:45 AM
and has lost a few yards of pace.
From not a lot to even less. :p

Not actually as slow as he was always keen to make out, very willowy and elusive.

One of my proudest rugby moments came when an opposition coach compared my style of play to Greenwood's. I was dead chuffed. :D
Cracking compliment ... I think!!

Greenwood was always good at being in the right place at the right time - or as he says in his book, he was usually knackered and catching a breather rather than chasing back to defend - then if England suddenly generated a turnover and a good break he looked like he had miraculously read the play and was in an ideal support position!!