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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by www.rugbyperformance.co.uk, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Did anyone see Will Greenwood's tackle on baby elvis on Soccer Am this week...how he became England's best centre I'l never know! and how England's defence conceded so little tries in the RWC 2003..? I would of loved to see Scotty Quinnell have a go, that would have been great tv..

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  3. Bullitt

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    By having one of the best rugby brains the game has ever seen. What he lacked in tackling ability he more then made up for in playmaking and finishing. Having Tindall and Wilkinson as outside and inside men covered the defence issues.
  4. Jer1cho

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  5. Prestwick

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    Well to be honest, most games Greenwood played against South Africa, he was the one LOL'ing.
  6. gingergenius

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    Nope. He, Guscott and Carling are England's greatest ever centres.
  7. Jer1cho

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    Dammit, not one... Oh well...

    Seriously though, I agree. Greenwood was a classic example of how a centre should be. Played a massive role in England's WC win. Still remember that try he scored against us after the charge down... :(
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