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    I almost quit rugby - Wales hero

    Wales' record try-scorer Shane Williams has admitted he considered quitting rugby in 2002, saying he'd "had a gutsful" of the sport at that time.

    At the time Williams suffered a series of hamstring injuries and was not in coach Steve Hansen's plans.

    Williams told Wales on Sunday: "I was fed up and felt like quitting. I wasn't playing for Wales and I wasn't happy.

    "There were times when I thought it wasn't worth it and I was convinced I wouldn't play for Wales again."

    However instead of walking away from the game, Williams became determined to return to the big stage and ended up starring for Wales at the 2003 World Cup before becoming a 2005 British & Irish Lion.

    Williams, whose 41st Wales try helped them beat France and claim the Grand Slam, said: "You have to be stubborn and bloody-minded. I've had injuries, lost form and not been picked.

    "I felt hard done by when Steve Hansen wouldn't pick me, but now I know I wasn't good enough and wasn't fit enough.

    "I'd torn my hamstring four times in a season and there were reasons for that. I was a bit immature, but bucked my ideas up because I wanted to play for Wales again.

    "Some players always get picked, even when they aren't playing well. I have never been one of those. I have to play well or I won't be picked."

    From: BBC Sport

    Anyone else think there's a book deal in the offing???
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  3. Cymro

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    In fact this type of thing has been published before (regarding the article) and its fairly well known in Wales between rugby fans, but I dont sense yet there will be a book, I see it after *touch wood Lions Tour 2009!

    Shane did get a massively raw deal with Hansen, yet Shane must admit he was not good enough at the time of selection! He was raw and needed the work however Wales did not really have a winger that possessed the pace that Williams had at that stage. He needed to be nurtuired and he did so, but I do feel that Hansen did give him a raw deal much like Henson at the time. He came alight in the 2003 World Cup notiably against the All Blacks with those dashing side steps.
  4. RC

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    Yeah, it's pretty much common knowledge around here that he was a bit indecisive as to whether he should carry on with rugby.
    But this book better not come out soon. It will feel a little like the Henson book if it does.
    Why not wait until he retires?
    That's when it should be done.
  5. Cymro

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    Agree so much, ive read Alfies book and think what a tool, im currently reading Henson's shite which has been spinned by the bloke writing it for him, got Martyn Williams one to read, Robin McBryde is a poor one and Im desperate for Neil Jenkins book, supposedly the best one out!
  6. gdv13

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    Thank GOD he didn't!! Shane Williams is no doubt the best player in the WORLD at the moment. Hope it continues
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    Im sure glad he never quit rugby. may be without him the six nations wouldn't of been so glorious... not that im saying he won the grand slam for us but it would of been alot closer for us not to win it if he wasnt there ..
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