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Into a fifth set between Rafa and Fritz. Rafa looks like he hurt his abdomen early on but seems to have recovered. Good to see another 5 setter, whoever wins. Suspect Rafa with with his Champions mentality.
want to see Rafa win the grand slam but if someone beats Rafa I'd love for it to be an American
Crazy that Sampras is the last American male to win Wimbledon men’s ***le. Lethal, but always found his matches dull. Was more of an Agassi fan. Even preferred Steffi’s matches.
happy london GIF by Wimbledon
He’s done better than I expected after taking that first set. But looking like Novak should wrap it up in 4 sets unless Novak has a drop now.

Sunday’s final could get spicy. Especially if Nick K can get that serve firing on a hot day. Would still expect Novak to prevail though.
Prediction: I don't think Serena Williams will win another Grand Slam. She had a great run, but will retire later this year one shy of Margaret Court's record (24).
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And they say us Poms whinge. Nick giving a lesson in whinging in the Wimbledon final. Prince George must be wondering what he’s f’ing and blinding about. 🤔
maybe he's learned that if you tell the umpire what your problem is instead of just blindly whining people will tend to help you.
I'm not a Djokovic fan, but I found myself rooting for him today because Kyrgios is such a whiner. :rolleyes: Nadal was my pick, but an abdominal tear took him out.
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Yeh, shame about Nadal tearing his abdominal. I think it would have been a Nadal v Djokovic final, had he not got injured And been a much better, competitive final. I thought Nick would implode when the pressure mounted.

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