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Win £500 with grassroots!



Upload your best clips to Grassroots for the chance to win a weekly prize of £500!

ITV.com have launched a new online video channel which aims to air hundreds of video clips from people with a passion for sport, and enable them to meet people who share it too, which now features a new weekly £500 prize for the best!

The site â€" called Grassroots â€" is part of ITV Local â€" the broadcaster’s community website, which already includes news, weather, films and documentaries. Fans can watch hundreds of video clips from amateur sportspeople and their teams on www.itvlocalgrassroots.com

Every week a huge amount of amateur footage is shot at local events on video cameras and mobile phones. Grassroots will enable users to upload short clips from their favourite sports, and share it with other fans. Any appropriate footage is welcomed, whether it’s an incredible long-range goal in a football match, a nail-biting tennis rally or a last-minute winning point in a basketball game. The best clips could appear on ITV1, and each week’s best clip as voted for by Grassroots members will win £500!

Users are also invited to start groups for their favourite sport, be it be cycling, tennis, skiing, motor racing, hockey, or base jumping; content provided by users will especially help to promote sports at a grassroots level and will bring a wider awareness of their achievements.

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