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Don't "assume" that you will meet the team salary at the end of the year. I just finished a season on Elite with the Chiefs, got them promoted (finished 2nd), but finished up $20,000 in debt! I thought I'd be paid something for promotion! So I got them promoted, could easily have made $20,000 in the following season, but I got the boot. Geez thanks Waikato.
The stupid thing is, is that you get a bonus at the start of the next season that would easily cover it, but they fire you first.
I think that is pretty fair. I mean if you don't have the wages at the end of the year then your players aren't going to get paid and you should get the sack. It is bad planning to expect that you are going to get a big bonus for the start of the season. What would happen if the tv money wasn't as high as expected? Hello bankruptcy!
Tv money? But pre season tickets alone would be more than $20,000. Unfortunately though the world of WL doesn't include bank loans to cover your ass. Would be an awesome addition. Do the whole finance thing like Madden.
I just made to elite division and got fired in my first season for not meating my goal, which was to win the divisin (a bit unreasonable) I find this a bit hard to stomach considering i came second, and ive been with this team from the beginning and taken them all the way from 3rd division to elite.
that just happened to me too..i was ****** off..i took my team to the top of third and lost at the k.o cup opener...but ended the season 10-1 and then went to next level up and got fired...

will be more careful next time....
I know that it is hard to program to reflect a fair and reasonable achievement to avoid getting sacked and so that it reflects real life.

I guess the only fair way is to maintain a success percentage. Winning games, reaching goals, getting promoted and loyalty should all cause the % to go up and losing games, failing to reach goals, poor money management etc should cause the % to go down.

And once your % goes down past a certain score then you get the sack.

It is hard to swallow it when your teams comes 2nd and you get sacked.

In a football management game - I had taken a national side to World and European cup glory and then lost to Brazil 1-0 in the final of the Confederation's Cup and got sacked. What the!?

But I guess that this unpredictability reflects real life - I mean Eddie Jones got sacked after his team only lost a tiny eight out of a huge nine games. WTF? Go figure? :p

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