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Woosah's Rugby 08 editor


Academy Player
Aug 27, 2021
Hi all,

Does anybody have a link for Woosah's editor as every link I have tried seems to be broken/dead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
here you go,friend!enjoy
do you know how to use it because i dont. if you do know, can you show me the step by steps please. or link me a updated tutorial. all the tutorials for woosahs are dead unfortunately. the last time i used woosah was 3 years after its release
so I don't remember it quite well
here you go,friend!enjoy
Thank you very much.
Hello all, I want to edit some players on Rugby 08 yet I am not sure how to get the editor fully working into my computer. Could some one give me a step by step tutorial please? It would be much appreciated.
here you go,friend!enjoy
which net framework must I use using woosah editor the latest 1..for mod patch 21 and mod patch 22..? wil appreciate it dearly

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