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World Cup 2019 in Japan is impossible


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Jun 2, 2010
Seriously speaking, World Cup 2019 in Japan is impossible, because of the nuclear disaster.
The number of Leukemia, Thyroid cancer, and other cancers is rapidly growing, despite of the media blackout.
Japan, at least Eastern part, has become really dangerous part to have an international sport event.
World Rugby (although I do not understand the reason of name change from International Rugby Board) must choose another place for 2019. There are many countries in which Rugby World Cup can be held without building any new stadium.

Japan is really dangerous!
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“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.†- Christopher Hitchens
Have to say I clicked on the link wondering what nonsense was going to be the reason and it turned to be even bigger ******** than I imagined.
No, this question need to be asked. Japan is tryin to add in its rugby team both Mothra and Godzilla. Also, they are building a stadium that ll host the opening game teams just above the zeropoint in fukushima. This needs to be cancelled.
So none of those English anti nuclear movements have any literature on their websites?

What about non English sites, Google translate does a job...
I had heard that Japan isn't going to be ready, work has been cancelled on the stadium which was being built to be the main stadium, basically the place the whole tournament would evolve around, where the final was scheduled to be and the main draw card in Japans bid to hold the cup. Japan isn't going to have the stadiums and infrastructure ready and that South Africa was the alternate option if Japan couldn't get stuff sorted.

Of course I can't even remember where I read that or and have no idea if its true... And I may have mixed it up with Olympic related news so Im really not sure...

quick Google did find this

I very much doubt the background radiation in Japan (whilst higher than most places) would be any more than what one receives from a long haul flight. The World Cup only lasts a month - even if there are higher cancer rates, surely those at risk would be permanent residents as opposed to temporary visitors?

Also, don't the Japanese live longer than any other race?

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