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well where is it....i think once the final qualifying teams make the cut you guys can throw up the big sub thread...

id like to be mod again to help generate the thread and the inner threads
You don't have to be a mod to create good threads and get the forum thriving.
Nah, we don't have the funds to set up a Creche in TRF Towers.

One day we'll own our own offices in places across the globe. We'll administer our own comps, sell our own merchandise, provide advertising space for multinational corporations. We'll be well on our way to rugby domination. Mwuhahahahaha Mwuhahahaha. :rock:
lmao @ AWOL?

how did i go awol last time??...i only when that way 2 become a mod...i was pretty decent for a half ass effort...

and to answer an tarbh...you do have to a be mod to have atleast some sort of say under the admins that is more direct then us common village folk lol...hey u guys voted me most knowledgable rugby poster..if that is the case id like to extend that knowledge in a leadership role...

what can i offer???...ideas a plenty...i cant make full on promises but i can promise that the rugby world cup is almost heaven to me!!!...i would not dare treat such an event with the garbage i post to tehmite lol..just a suggestion i would like to be a mod again just for that tournament and that is all...

even getofmeland wouldnt mind me doing that...to quote a pm of his
Allow someone above even admin to confirm that the World Cup section exists and we hope to have it open as the 6 Nations draws to a close.