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    I think it would be cool if you had this, then World Cup winners could try and get ‘the double’, to prove just how great they are, and we could all get interested in selections of a rest of world 15, and seeing great players play together. You’d probably want the rest of world 15 to have a few warm up games, probably against national sides, to get them understanding the systems, working together, and to iron out selections. Then maybe a best of 3 series. I’m thinking you do it the year after the World Cup.

    what do you all think, and who would be in your rest of world 15/23 this year? Assume no one retired after last year, because they all wanted to play this fixture.

    ? ?
    taylor. george
    Franks. ?
    Itoje. Kruis
    Read. Savea
    Du pont. Smith
    Lienert brown. Ficou
    Barrett. McKenzie

    We are assuming no one retired, which means in terms of scrums the springboks have the best two front rows in the world (I’m also assuming nyakane is fit). One starting, the other on the bench. At some point in every game the boks played in the World Cup, they dominated their opposition in the scrum, including the all blacks and England. Prior to the World Cup they also dominated the wallabies. So who are the best scrummaging props in the world? I’m not sure. I’m tempted to pick Owen franks as one, even though he didn’t make the all blacks World Cup squad.
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    Ok ill play.

    Mako, Eng
    Coles, NZ
    Furlong, Ire
    Itoje, Eng
    Ryan, Ire
    Savea, NZ
    Curry, Eng
    Yato, Fiji
    Du Pont, Fra
    Faz, Eng
    Reece, NZ
    Manu, Eng
    Randradra, Fiji
    Matsushima, Jap
    Barrett, NZ

    George, Eng
    Genge, Eng
    Sinks, Eng
    Retallick, NZ
    Aldritt, Fra
    Smith, NZ (honorable mention the the Uruguay 9 in the WC he is never making the team worth of a mention)
    Lienert brown, NZ
    Mckenzie, NZ
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