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World Cup

Anyone watching it or have all the league fans left?

I watched the opening match between Australian and England last night. Really enjoyed it - Kangaroos looked a little rusty, but I thought England really took the game to them well. Game was really well watched in Aus too - was in the top five most highly rated sports events all year (which includes both the NRL and AFL Grand Finals).
Yeah I also really enjoyed it. Shame it was broadcast at 9am on a weekday here, I know a few non-fans who'd heard about the World Cup and were keen to watch.

I'm sure Australia will play better later in the tournament but even when they're not at their best they're a great team to watch.

Looking forward to some of the 'smaller' nations playing - in the last WC here they produced a lot of very entertaining games. Haven't got much hope for repeat heroics from Scotland though!
Obviously not making much news here, but bloody hell Tonga v NZ was epic! Can't remember a more enjoyable and intense upset. You could see how much it meant to the Tongan boys - just incredible and apparently the scenes across Tonga after the final siren were pretty intense with jubilation.
Was a great game! Haven't followed the Tonga-New Zealand news that closely but imagine that helped spice it up!
Fiji too! Not quite as open as the Tonga game... but hardly Fiji holding on and fluking it. The pre-tournament consensus up here was that the Kiwis were a bit weaker than usual (but still a level above England), what did NRL fans think?
Just caught the highlights, NZ's error count was crazy, as was how small the crowd was in a home World Cup quarter final.

I remember hearing before the tournament started that there were worries about New Zealand missing out on the semis, so maybe this isn't the massive upset that the media will no doubt paint it as and suggests that this side was more than a bit weaker than previous vintages.
A lot of errors but some nice tries for England. That back three looks their best. Looking forward to the Tonga game! Will watch Aus-Fiji but expect it to be pretty one sided.
England v Australia for the final on the same weekend as the second ashes test. Great result - am bloody pumped now!
Jaysis that Tonga vs England game! :eek:

Best League match I've seen in ages.
Bloody good final - England really brought their A-game, but just made too many errors in the end... Hope Bennett stays on as coach for them though - he's clearly done them a tonne of good.
England demolished a strong Samoa team there. Enjoyed that

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