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That it is dominated by corporate teams and that it is based mostly in Japan's central and south western prefectures.

Its nice to see companies in Japan having departments dedicated to administering their high profile sports teams. Even big name American companies like Coca Cola and IBM have teams in Baseball, Rugby and such like.

When you think about it, Corporate Teams arn't really that controversial anymore when you consider that most top flight rugby teams in the world are limited companies and private enterprises in their own right (or a run as a company if they are administered by the National Union).

The main competition is the Top League, a 14 team competition that runs between September and February and culminates in the Microsoft Cup and the playoffs for the championship. The season usually kicks off with the best top league teams facing off against each other and the top University teams. It is rather telling that the University teams compete really well against the professional corporate ones.

Big name players who were there consisted mainly of long time lazy Springbok aco van der Westhuyzen, who decided to take some time out of Rugby to earn gauranteed big bucks for doing virtually nothing playing for the NEC Green Rockets.

Also, its worth noting that World Fighting Bull are going to be relegated this year because they are an awful team but I love em' :lol: I did try to go see them when I was in Japan but I wasn't going to be in near them during their matches so it was impossible I am afraid.
any websites out there with *REMOVED* or anything to see a top flight Japanese Rugby Match?
I honestly have no idea. If there are, it'll probabbly be in inaccessible Japanese website within their idea of a "forum" (basically a guestbook/youtube comment kind of affair).

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