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Discussion in 'EA Rugby 08' started by redfang22, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. redfang22

    redfang22 Guest

    Hey guys My world league money changer is coming along well but has minor problems which need fixing. :
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  3. redfang22

    redfang22 Guest

    Here guys finally i picture of my stink progress. [​IMG]
  4. Woldog

    Woldog Guest

    Haha lol, I've been working on one for money for agessssssss, but none of my hex editors could change the current balance.
  5. redfang22

    redfang22 Guest

    Wow I forgot about hex editors i'm just editing some file and got that.
  6. redfang22

    redfang22 Guest

    Yeah I have nailed :bravo: it ill post it very soon but heres the pic (i'm the chiefs)[​IMG]
  7. redfang22

    redfang22 Guest

    Here it is
    first method his home attendance i know you need home games.
    First you find the file named 2de97b250f07a369610d6087471b7aad.xml or extract it from your data.gob
    Second: search for HOMEWINATTENDANCE
    <DIV name = "elite" id = "0" reward = "4" />
    <DIV name = "1" id = "1" reward = "3" />
    <DIV name = "2" id = "2" reward = "2" />
    <DIV name = "3" id = "3" reward = "65000" />

    as u can see i have already changed it now that only gives you 1mil but if you add about 2 more 0s your probably get 100mil

    and there other method is pretty slow all you need is woosah's editor :D
    open your .tmt file with the editor
    edit any guy in your team max all his stats give him all special abilities save him
    click team edit and remove all the extras or E and replace it with him then you load your .tmt
    and replace him with low class peopele note you need to have transfer window opened

    Check soon when i show you how to get superstar like Dan Carter and Gavin Henson in your team with only paying a little and being in div 3!!!
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