World League Total Conversion.

Discussion in 'EA Rugby 08' started by 4 Jelliott, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. 4 Jelliott

    4 Jelliott Guest

World League is currently my favourite game mode but we all know its a little broken.

What I propose to do is to rename the leagues as follows and to disable promotion/relegation so they stay the way they should.

Elite - Guiness Premiership
    Div 1 - Super 14
    Div 2 - Magners League
    Div 3 - A mixture of French + Italian teams

    (Unfortunately I will be unable to create the end of season play offs)

Then I will try and set ridiculously high win bonuses so money never becomes a problem, far too many a time I have had to sell my best players to avoid becoming bankrupt.

Then the final step would be to make all teams playable from the start, or at least some of the more desirable ones. I mean, who actually wants to play as Brescia?

When I have the main thing up and running I will then try and authenticate it, with correct logos on the pitch etc.

    I will also try and prevent the ridiculous mess-up at the start of each career when everyone plays for the wrong team.

    If anyone else has any ideas to improve it then I will add them here.

    This is quite an ambitious project and I have no previous modding experience on Rugby 08 or any other game for that matter so I would greatly appreciate anyone giving me any advice or help on what programs to use and the files which govern Rugby 08.
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  3. Woldog

    Woldog Guest

    Using Woosaah's editor and Ross's rosters, you can easily start a new world league and tweak each team in it to your liking, the catch is that you have to start a new save to do it, or that's the only way I've managed to add players to the teams and the like.
  4. 4 Jelliott

    4 Jelliott Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Woldog @ Mar 29 2009, 02:13 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    Yeah ive done that but its still a completely fake competition and you cant choose which team you want. But thats the first step of it though.
  5. Tomsey

    Tomsey Guest

    i don't even know if this is possible because i know very little about moding but what i would like to see is the ability to select a wider range of players from the recruitment tab. every time i've played world league it seems to be the same players available at the same stages...
  6. Waterview

    Waterview Guest

    I thiink thats because you only seem to be able to recruit from your current league or below. It'd be better if you had two teams from the same country so you could at least have a team mostly from 1 nation. I've never seen a super 14 team with players from 15 different countries!
  7. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    The problem i have is that you can play a season in a real league format, like i made with MUP Euro, but the end of season crash baffles me and also the really annoying trade system just makes it a joke. It is not NBA or Madden ffs.
  8. pageski

    pageski Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Fa'atau82 @ Apr 1 2009, 07:43 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    i tried to play more one season and i don t have problem ??? with my rdf not MUP.
    For to test i modified xml world league i put 99 in trust of team and few lose point and i loose all my match championship i played only cup for to have money and i change the goal of the team is just to pay player in the end of the season.
    i win the cup loose the championship and go on the second season ???
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