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World League Trainer?



Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone knows of or can make a world league trainer to give me more money, like an idiot I've played two full seasons in division 3, just now I finished first easily, but I of course forgot that last time I did it I got sacked because I couldn't pay my players! I also save after every game with no rotation so I'm stuck at the last game of the season with nothing to do but keep playing one game and getting sacked!

So can anyone please help me out, or suggest an alternative. Maybe I can edit the save game file?
i dont know how the money thing works, but you can always try use my editor and give yourself some real crap players.

then you should be able to pay for your team and then after that you could swap the players you want back.

just a suggestion :)
OK great, only problem is I stuffed up my file trying to read it in notepad. I've deleted all the spaces apparently.
Hey i had the saem problem all you need to do is make sure your team salary is less than your total points and you'll be all goods g

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