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World XV Game


steam train

A simple yet entertaining game, basically its a two player game, you decide who goes first by some fair means (flip a coin or even just agree).
The afore mentioned two then take each other on in a challenge of rugby wits, knowledge and selection prowess to each pick a World XV.
At the end of the selection process and independent third party will decide which team would win a match between the two sides put forward. (have a vote or even a simple discussion)
Opponents pick players in alternating order for any position in their 22 (or 15) man match squad. Once a player is selected he is excluded from the selection pool and one player cannot appear twice in the same game.
There is some tactical depth to the game as once a player makes a selection in a specialist postition, his opponent need not waste a pick on that same position until the end of the game. At the very least it wouldn't be advisable to pick two specialist hookers in your starting VX (two flyhalfs however, could be different).

I think i have explained it well enough. Anyone up for a game?

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