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Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by goranski, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. goranski

    goranski Guest

    i'm not sure who widely televised WSM is abroad, however it's frequently on here in the U.S. with entire events from years past being replayed

    personally, my favorite is Mariusz Pudzianowski from Poland, the man is built like a bodybuilder as opposed to most of the powerlifting physiques frequently seen, plus he's a complete athlete with great endurance - also plays rugby on the side along with other sports to stay in shape

    although they don't do it too often anymore my favorite event is Caber toss - i've seen this being done in person at Scottish festivals and it's impressive to say the least
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  3. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

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    Ferrigno!!! The Hulk in action!

    I love catching the old school WSM! I used to get glued and missed all my classes in college when they'd do a marathon on ESPN2.
  4. goranski

    goranski Guest

  5. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    I'm sure we all agree with Magnus that Coors Light is the world's most refreshing beer...



    I should start training for this I know what to do with all my free time. Start Lifting Logs and Cars.
  6. goranski

    goranski Guest

    lol - i love the part where he says that Magnus can pull a 747 with his teeth, now that i'd like to see
  7. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    What could be more fun than watching Mariusz competing whilst being filled to the eyeballs with steroids.
    It's brilliant!
  8. goranski

    goranski Guest's called protein and it's not lethal Cymru, give it a rest
  9. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    since when are steroids considered protein?
  10. goranski

    goranski Guest

    there's no proof that he's on steroids, therefore i'm assuming he's not on anything - besides plenty of legal borderline stuff out there

    then again i'm not too sure about the type of testing that's done at these events, lot of bodybuilding events are pretty lax :huh:
  11. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    It's pretty naive to think that a man like that isn't on steroids.
    A load of the competitors are, and it allows the sport to grow more and more spectacular every year.
    It's like Mr. Olympia, they're not allowed to take diuretics with their steroids, but no one chases up on them because come competition time they are dry and cut to shreds - it looks better.

    I'm not criticising the strongmen competition, i'd much rather watch it as it is now than how it was a few years back where every competitor had a huge gut. But the build a lot of them are at these days is totally unnatural for a strongman competition.
    Find me the man who can squat the most, or bench the most, or deadlift the most weight in the world and i will show you a man who has a huge gut and looks pretty much the opposite to Pudzianowski.
  12. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    Amen! This man has seen tha light! C'mon choir, hit me with a Hallelujah!

    *clears throat*

    It's like how the MLB treated the homerun one said anything cause everyone was making money from it...but now that it's over and there's no more cash to be had, they're going after the guys. They should have stoped McGuire and Sosa and whoever else back then.
    Mr. Olympia is a freakin' joke. It's not natural, it is (as they love to term it) freakish. It's not proportional, and it's not realistic. Why applaud law breakers and cheaters?
  13. goranski

    goranski Guest

    you still don't have any proof.

    i'm not applauding anyone breaking the rules and juicing themselves with steroids, the phenomenon of illegal substances has gone out of control in sports like baseball and cycling

    besides you can't say that just by looking at someone if they're on something - try picking out the villains at the Tour de France

    i just enjoy watching world's strongest man - even the fat guys whom i applaud for their feats of strength

    maybe the pollock is on roids - maybe he just trains full-time like an animal, eats three tubs of protein per day and takes hello legal supplements that you can buy at any nutritional store
  14. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    In Le Tour de France, they're taking substances which help in endurance and stamina, not drugs to produce big hits or lifts. You can easily point out those on steroids and those who aren't.
  15. goranski

    goranski Guest

    they all look the same to me - huge.

    in the same sense, all cyclists look identical to me in that they're all skinny cardio types
  16. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    Strongman is still great to watch though, regardless of what you believe the drug situation is in the sport.
    Mariuzs is just totally superhuman.
  17. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest


    I was talking to my flat mate about this the other day (he's a nutritionist) and he says that you can eat as strictly as possible and work out twice a day, every day and you still wouldn't get that size...especially with that definition as well.
    He says it would take many, many years of sticking to the same disciplines for your body to get that big, but by the time you reach that age for which to get that size most people will have already died of natural causes.
  18. mr_fenda

    mr_fenda Guest

    Talking bout Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman was a former policeman and i dont think he was just on protein.How do they get away with it?
  19. melon

    melon Guest

  20. Hazey

    Hazey Guest

    That third one is a picture of Prestwick isn't it...

  21. duff_za

    duff_za Guest

    Atlas spheres has gotta be the best, damn that kak is hard! And some of those okes a hoooge!
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