Would you like to see less foreign players in NH rugby?

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by scuubasteve, Sep 17, 2007.


The great debate of the Northerly Drift

  1. No, because it's a better spectacle to watch with them here

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  2. No, because it helps to increase the skills leve of the local players

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  3. Meh, I couldn't care less (because I'm ignorant on important rugby issues)

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  4. Yes, because it makes the southern hemisphere competitions weaker

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  5. Yes, because it blocks the places of home grown players

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  6. I'n not fussed where they're from so long as the rugby's good

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  1. scuubasteve

    scuubasteve Guest

    Its yet another great debate that divides the world in two (mainly North vs South).

    Nearly every rugby fan must have an opinion (hopefully) on how they feel about the large number of foreign players now taking part in the European rugby leagues.

    Nows your chance to have a say, numerically.
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  3. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    How about another option; "No, I couldn't give a toss where the players come from, only that they play for my team."

    This thread will turn into another cock waving contest.
  4. scuubasteve

    scuubasteve Guest

    Take a step outside the single team nutshell mate.

    I'm merely interested to see if people see this as being the big issue that alot of press has dubbed it.

    You obviously think it isn't.

    If I could add your suggested option I would.
    Maybe also a second poll question titled "How big is your cock, really? To take away any confusion for all those who may take the reasoning for this thread the wrong way.
  5. RC

    RC Guest

    I can't add a vote to any of those.
    As far as the Welsh regins are concerned - yes, we do bring in foreigners, but - i don't think we bring too many.
    The way we structure our foreigners system is so those guys are the ones that will be bolstering our regions when the welsh boys are on international duty.
    I think Ospreys epitomise this idea. When internationals are not on we've got a squad full of Welsh boys and most of the foreigners sit the games out or on the bench.
    Take the RWC for example, we've lost 13 players altogether - that's a first team, nearly. So when those 13 are out we bring in the 'B' team that did so well last year. Cue Stefan Terblanche etc.
  6. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    got to say i want to see the SH strs in real action. There is no reason home grown talent can't prosper with their presence.
  7. melon

    melon Guest

    I'm surprised Teh Mite hasn't had an episode of rage and closed this thread. He seemed pretty close to it in his first post.

    I think SH players both help to provide a greater spectacle and at the same time help the younger players coming through and develop the already established players a little more.
  8. TongaFan

    TongaFan Guest

    I think anything that helps to increase the standard of rugby has to be a good thing. If the youngsters are talented enough they will still break into the first team. And the increasing competition for places should help to drive them to become better players.
  9. Duckz

    Duckz Guest

    nah, its going to be great watching all these amazing SH players run rings around people, like latham for example.
  10. zyc

    zyc Guest

    I'm new in the rugby world, so I don't have much knownledge about the issue. For that reason my opinion about this is based on info my coach and some experienced foreign players in the local club I play told me and with the experience of football.

    What is the profile of the foreign players in europe? I supose (like in football) that most of them are from poor countries of southern hemisphere and, in the case of rugby, some of those countries don't even have professional leagues (south america... great players in argentina... but no money for them there, so they fly to Europe...).

    Analysed that, there are two points of view to be considered: the league ones and the national team ones. For the first one the answer is "ok, bring the foreigners as long they play well!". For the second, of course is just a "no".

    But to change this "lots of foreigners situation", the main actions should be taken by the countries of origin of those players, not by the countries of destination: Argentina should make a strong league for example. This happens with football here in Brazil: the players go to Europe verry young because the salaries there are 5 times bigger because of financialy weak clubs.

    Today money talks folks and in rugby wouldn't be different in most of the cases.

    that's my opinion...
  11. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Yes, it does matter. I'm selfish so it does **** me off that all our glorious talents are heading North. They should stay, and help our own players enhance their own skills, not the other way round. But of course, this is reality and money is reality.
  12. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    less of an issue for the argentines. Their union doesn't want a proffesional league. so if you want to be a proffesional union player and you're argentinian, then you have to play in Europe. For the SA, Aussie, Kiwi and pacific players it's the strength of the pound and the Euro, plus the fact that contracts are mostly done through the union not financially independant clubs.
  13. shazbooger

    shazbooger Guest

    Personally I'd really like to see less foreign players in NH rugby. Fewer Welshmen, fewer Englishmen, fewer Scotsmen, fewer Frenchmen and **** it fewer Italians :)
  14. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    "I'm not racist. I hate everybody"
  15. dullonien

    dullonien Guest

    I voted for yes because it blocks the places of home grown talent.

    I'm only talking from a Welsh perspective here (possibly Irish and Scottish aswell), as england and france have enough professional sides to allow more foreigners into their leagues.

    With the fact that Wales have only 4 regions, there simply isn't enough space for a lot of foreigners. I have no problem with a few very high quality imports such as Tiatia, Holah and Marchall at the O's, but do they need any more than that? imo Walker is blocking the place of Brew, Vaughton or even Mustoe. Terblanch is ok for when internationals are being played, but I'd prefer a young home grown player instead.

    The same goes for Blues, Rush, Molatika and Blair are very good players that improve the Blues team as a whole, helps bring a different way of playing/thinking and should help the youngsters improve. No more is needed imo.

    Scarlets have too many foreign journeymen in their team, either sign quality foreigners instead, or blood some youngsters. I'd go as far as saying Easterby might not be needed any longer, with the likes of Dafydd Jones needing more game time to get him back to where he was before injury. King is their only real quality foreigner at the moment.

    Dragons have been forced to use youngsters, as they haven't the cash to sign quality foreign players. In their case, a few more may drastically improve their performances in the short term, and give a better environment for the youngsters to enter professional rugby.

    That's my opinion on matters, and I think the same can be applied to Irish and Scottish teams, as they are in the same boat as Wales with very few professional teams. Quality not quantity is the way it should be in the Celtic nations.
  16. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    Got to agree there. The french and english clubs are more numerous and so there are more places for foreigners. They also seem to have more financial indepedance.
  17. 187

    187 Guest

    i couldn't vote because i don't agree with any of those options. what happened to the plain old "YES" option?

    i would vote yes. i'd like to see it become more like soccer, however i'd like the games to be more available on TV around the world. even the div2 matches of some competitions as there are some good players in those teams.
  18. its good for the struggling teams. look at the warriors in the nrl. they use to be mainly a nz team. but then they got a whole heap of aussies in their team (and some nzers who played all their carrer in oz) and it got them going. once their on a roll, they win more matches, more intrest in the team, more money on the team, more money to spend on coaches, and retian players etc.

    so the bigger teams in the nh dont need them, yes it is perfectly acceptable to have 1,2 or even 3 non-natives in the team, but theres no point for team or country to have a large section of the team to be imports, especially for a substantial time.
  19. Quite right.

    If we are going to be an international game our leagues in NH and SH must reflect this.
  20. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    Quite right.

    If we are going to be an international game our leagues in NH and SH must reflect this.
    The problem is that's one way traffic.

    When this happens an unbalancing occurs.

    Simple math really
  21. Vambo

    Vambo Guest

    Yes. I do think there are too many.
    I can understand why though. Why would a club that loses a load of its players to international duty for two chunks of the season (6 Nations & Autumn Intenationals) see any attraction in having yet more home grown players when it could buy in journeyman pros from the SH who will not be lost to international duty?
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