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WOW : Burning Crusade



It looks like Blizzard are staying true to their word about updating WOW and changing the world so keeping the game playable for a long time.

So the question I must ask is... Does anyone here play this game? therefore anyone even care?? Well the awnser is probably not, after all this is a "rugby" forum. I have to say however I have been enjoying myself playing this game. My brother has it and i skammed the free 10day trial off him. So i didnt think i would get sucked in, but inevitably i have! :p
This is not a bad thing though, I am not your usuall computer geek, I am the opposite really, coudnt tell a CPU from a modem but thats beside the point :p im telling you this because its not what most people think. Its not a game where you have to sit there for days and play, even though you could. Its not the game where you have to have highest of levels to get into guilds and do things, even though you could. Its the kind of game that is nice to turn to when you come home from a hard day and there is nothing on TV and rugby 2006 just isnt cutting it anymore and let yourself get lost in this Huge world that literly changes around you.

Ive read your comments before on games such as this and its always the same awnser... "its a waste of time" blah blah blah. Fair enough I think playing a game so much that it hurts you carrer is a bad thing but I think we all have more control then that here dont we? What I would say to that is, how can you see it as a waste of time? when in the end it will give you as much satisfaction as any other game.

Ive been playing a couple of months now and I havent see bearly anything of what ther is to see but im never board with the progress i make, it will amaze you if you give it a chance.
Now the reason why I was saying this is because it is a social game and I wouldnt mid seeing a few of you round wen I play so i can beat ur ass!!

Hahaha PEACE OUT!!!
Well I used to play it, and I was hooked and I am going to get back into it again just installing it back on my pc....
Might see you in there aye! Im in PURE guild.
That is if you ever play on Aman-Thul realm.

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