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WP vs Bulls: Head to head



Man I can not wait for this game! It is going to be a cracker.

The teams haven't even been announced yet, but I can't help myself: Based on last weekend's teams, here is my head-to-head (scores are defensive and then offensive):

15. Johan Roets vs Werner Greeff
Greeff is nursing an injury at the moment, so he might not even play, but what the heck. In this battle I'd give it to Roets. Greeff is the better runner, but Roets is the better fullback. He is deadly under the high ball and his vision is great as well. Scores: Roets - 7 & 7. Greeff - 6 & 7.

14. John Mametsa vs Zhahier Ryland
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Zahier is one quick f***er. And did you see him step around Russell like he was a statue? Dang! That being said, Ryland is very inexperienced and he is a liability on defense. Mametsa is a Loftus favourite for a reason, he's go balls. I give this battle to Mametsa, but if these two meet again after next years S14, that might be a different story. Scores: Mametsa - 7 & 8. Ryland - 6 & 8.

13. JP Nel vs Jean de Villiers
Well you have to give it to Jean don't you? Although don't write JP off just yet, he can be a devastating runner if given half a gap. Scores: JP - 7 & 7. Jean - 7 & 9.

12. Wynand Olivier & De Wet Barry
Again, no contest. De Wet is going to run over Olivier on a number of occasions, so the Bulls better have some loosies in Olivier's channel. Bear in mind though that on attack Wyanand is very unpredictable and is one of those players that can create a gap out of thin air. Scores: Olivier - 6 & 7. Barry - 8 & 7.

11. Akona Ndungane vs Tonderai Chavhanga
Chavanga had a very quiet game against the Sharks. Chavanga had a bllinder for the Boks against Uruguay, but Ndungane had a very good S12 with the Bulls. I think this battle is tied. Scores: Ndungane - 7 & 8. Chavanga - 7 & 8.

10. Morne Steyn vs Peter Grant
This is going to be one of the biggest battles of the day. Jaco is out for the rest of the year, so Jake needs a backup flyhalf. Who will it be? Personally, I've yet to see why people rave about Grant. Steyn on the other hand, played flyhalf in the victorious u/21 World Cup team, and he has the better kicking game. Scores: Steyn - 7 & 8. Grant - 6 & 7.

9. Fourie du Preez vs Neil de Kock
I've never rated Neil, but that might just be me. That being said (and I can't believe I'm actually saying this), I don't think Fourie is the Bulls' best scrumhalf. Heinie Adams has impressed the crap out of me and I think he might even give Ricky a go. But Fourie is likely to start, so we'll do his ratings. He still has a deadly boot and he gets the best out of his forwards. De Kock's service isn't as fast as it should be, but he has loads of experience. Plus he's got world class loosies to give him front-foot ball. Scores: Du Preez - 7 & 8. De Kock - 6 & 7.

8. Anton Leonard vs Adri Badenhorst
Youth vs experience. Mongrel vs a cool head. People underestimate the value that Leonard has in this team. But I think this battle is a tie. Scores: Leonard - 7 & 6. Badenhorst - 7 & 6.

7. Pedrie Wannenburg vs Joe van Niekerk
Two excellent loosies. Joe has the hands and the vision, but I think Pedrie is the stronger runner. I'll give this to Joe seeing as Jake also rates him above Pedrie. Scores: Wannenburg - 7 & 7. Joe - 7 & 8.

6. Jacques Cronje vs Schalk Burger
Let's deviate from the weekends teams and assume (very safely so I believe) that Schalk will get a start at Loftus. Again, I fear, there is no contest here. Cronje is better at eighthman anyway... Scores: Cronje - 6 & 7. Burger - 7 & 7.

5. Victor Matfield vs Gerrie Britz
Again I think it's safe to assume that Mike Bayly will give his Springbok locks a run this weekend. Both of them are no-contests. Scores: Matfield - 7 & 7. Britz - 7 & 6.

4. Bakkies Botha vs Ross Skeate.
Skeate has undoubtedly been one of the finds for Province this season, but he won't be a match for the Brute. Scores: Botha - 8 & 7. Skeate - 7 & 7.

3. Andries Human vs 1. JD Moller
Province have unexpectedly grown a front row that can stand their man. The scrums are going to be full scale wars on Saturday. I recon this battle is a tie, but if Bands starts, that'll swing the scrums in the Bulls' favour. Scores: Human - 6 & 7. Moller - 6 & 7.

2. Gary Botha vs Federico Mendez
Mendez is the better scrummer, but Gary is very mobile and playes like a loosie. I'm giving this to Gary, but just barely. Scores: Botha - 7 & 8. Memdez - 7 & 7.

1. Kees Lensing vs 3. Eddie Andrews
What can you say...? Eddie is going to get murdered in the scrums. He never has been and never will be a tighthead. He is however, a very good defender and he gets around the park very well for a front-rower. Scores: Lensing - 6 & 7. Andrews - 8 & 6.

Defense: Bulls - 102 WP - 102
Offense: Bulls - 109 WP - 107

So defensively I think this game is going to damn tight, but on attack I think the Bulls just might have too much gas.... DARN! Speaking of gas, I forgot about Habana! He's likely to start as well, so that's combined with homeground advantage is the ballgame for the Bulls.

Bulls by 10.
I don't know who to support...

A bulls loss will help the Sharks but....
Supporting WP...you've got to be kidding..FORGET IT.
Nice analysis, but don't underestimate Wynand Olivier. I've seen this guy play long before CC, he's an excellent player that can defend and distrbute the ball very well. And JP Nel will tackle the snot out of De Villiers.
Bulls all the way ! If there is a SA squad which i hate, there it is : WP - stupid KAAPSTAD faggots !

BULLS wil win !
It's going to be a cracker!

Very emotional game for the Bulls. I think they're planning to win this years curry cup in Etienne's memory. I doubt WP can do anything to stop the Bulls this year!

Go Bulle!!
GO BULLE.... Like Rassie, I can't stand WP.
You won't ever see me support WP.
I can't wait for this match. I'm almost certain it's going to be a full house and I'll be there!
Originally posted by Bull@Sep 16 2005, 06:27 PM
I can't wait for this match. I'm almost certain it's going to be a full house and I'll be there!
You're lucky bru... wish i didnt live in Durbs! Would give my left nut to be at loftus on saturday.
Vodacom Blue Bulls 39 - 3 Investec Western Province Loftus Versfeld

The Sharks 29 - 10 Wildeklawer Griquas The ABSA Stadium
Boland Cavaliers 21 - 29 Vodacom Cheetahs Boland Stadium
Golden Lions 44 - 27 Leopards Ellis Park

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